Join my Launch Team

I am launching my new book very soon.

I need your help!

I am launching a new book called, Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten: Living a Life of Excellence, Impact and Influence.  And I want a team of passionate and insanely phenomenal people to join me for the book launch.

This is a book that promises to teach you what it takes to live a phenomenal life that touches the heart of thousands and millions of people.

I’m launching this book in February 2018 and I want it to be a successful launch – in that it will reach hundreds and thousands of people.

I believe that we are all influencers in our circles – even if you have 10 or 100 followers who love and follow your message, you are an influencer.

Hence, if I reach out to my 100 and you reach out to your 100 we can reach out to hundreds of thousands of people together.

Would you love to be part of history?

I have lots of amazing plans for this book. Plans I will reveal to only the launch team members

It’s going to be more than the average book launch.

This will be a movement!

I’m sure you would like to be part of something big and glorious.

For the record, a launch team is a hand­-picked group of volunteers who are willing and able to contribute to a successful book launch.

Here are some of the things I will be needing help with:

  • Design graphic images for social media and other promotional campaigns.
  • Blog reviewers and social media reviewers (who would actually read the book and write comprehensive reviews and share with their audience)
  • Design graphic images for social media and other promotional campaigns.
  • Connect with influencers and potential partners who could help us reach a wider audience.
  • Creative ideas that will help the book launch
  • And any other way to contribute to a successful launch.

This is what you get in exchange for your time and input:

  • Free copy of the book
  • Free copy of my course worth N20,000, Social Media Mastery Blueprint
  • Free access to me during the launch where I provide support and advice.

Would you like to be a part of my launch team?

If yes, please complete the short form below, letting me know how you will contribute to the team and when accepted, you will be added to the Facebook Group.