Make A Living Writing: How To Make 6 Figure Income Monthly From Freelance Writing

Make a living writing

Would you like to make a living writing?

Would you like to work from home doing what you love without worrying about road traffic, retrenchment or a nagging boss?

Are you a smart, persuasive and creative writer?

Do you have a magical way of playing with words that hold people spellbound?

Have you been praised by families and friends for your exceptional writing skills?

Do you usually make posts on facebook and your friends are enthralled by the way you put words together?

Or perhaps you have the passion and determination to become a remarkable writer but have no knowledge or direction on where to start?

Have you been receiving “peanuts” as a writer even when you know you deserve better?

Worry no more.

You are in luck.

Do you know you could be paid to do what you love? – Writing.

What you think is natural and less significant to you is highly in demand and could make you smile to the bank weekly and monthly.

If you can write a well-structured sentence that can be understood by anyone, then you can make money writing,

Every second, millions of articles are published in blogs, magazines and social media.

Everyday people consume content voraciously in search of information to solve their problems.

Hence, the need for content creators (writers) has also increased proportionally.

It is rightly said that content rules the world because of course, content is king.

People now dance to the tune of those who can feed them quality content.

Since, companies, organizations and personal brands are busy people, there’s high demand for writers who will create quality contents for them daily.

Will you be the one to help them out and get paid to do so?

Have you been told that you can’t make a dime from your writing?

Forget about those people.

If you listen to them, you’d be leaving money on the table.

It is rightly said that the fastest and easiest way to make money online is through writing.

It doesn’t require certificates or many years of experience.

It requires zero capital.

You don’t need to learn how to use any fancy software.

You just need to have the interest, the determination and the right information to succeed as a writer.

You can make a living writing if you’ve ever written a love letter to a girl/boy that got him/her smiling.

Hey! Who hasn’t written a love letter?

If you’ve never written one, send me an email and I’ll send NGN 1,000 recharge card to you.

NOTE: Visafone Subscribers ONLY 🙂

When I started my online business and money was not coming faster than I expected, I was making most of my money online from writing.

In fact, 90% of my income online came from writing.

I made my first money online two months after blogging. I started blogging 4th March, 2015 and I made my first money online, May 31st, 2015.

I saw an advert on Jide’s Bloggers Forum, looking for a writer to write for a tech blog. Then, I knew nothing about tech blogging but I applied to write for the blog.

To my surprise, the guy accepted that I write for him. I was given 5 topics to write on and submit. At first, I thought it was a scam but the guy assured me that he could be trusted.

He agreed to pay #600 for an article. So, the five articles were priced at #3000. I was so excited because that was my first time of writing for a pay.

At that time I was still on my day job, so, I submitted the first article very late. Though the client was impressed by my work, he was displeased that I had submitted it rather too late.

The contract was terminated. I was paid for just one article.

Instead of #600, I was paid #1000 because my work exceeded his expectation.

If you’ve been wondering how to make money online or just have the passion for writing and you wished there was a way you could make money from your writing skills, then this post is for you.

I am introducing to you, Make A Living Writing MasterClass.

This is a webinar where you will learn how to make 6 figure monthly from freelance writing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or professional writer, you’d learn from the ground up how to build a freelance writing business empire from the comfort of your bedroom.

No matter where you are right now in your writing career, you too can make a living writing.

We will be honoured to have the presence of two astounding writers – Emeka Nobis and Emmanuel Emenike.

Emeka Nobis:

Emeka Nobis spent ten years of his life working as a Mechanical Engineer for a multinational oil servicing company. During his years working there, he met individuals who were gifted but couldn’t come to terms with showcasing their gifts to humanity. 

Emeka resigned from his job to focus on helping individuals who have a message to share with humanity but are scared, doubtful and confused, to become exceptional by clarifying their messages, build a platform for the communication of their ideologies and to earn by establishing profitable business systems. 

He does this primarily through writing, consulting, coaching and training interventions. 


He blogs regularly via and has a thriving social media followership. His Twitter followership is above 6000 followers. 

He founded and administers 2 Facebook groups – THE EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, PEN & INK MASTERS. He founded these to help individuals become truly exceptional at utilising their gifting, expertise, experience, and knowledge to build profitable enterprises. 


Emeka is the author of 5 books :

  • UNCHURCHED (download link available for participants only)
  • SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A WRITER (download link available for participants only)
  • ANOTHER DIMENSION (download link available for participants only)
  • Grow Your Platform (download link available for participants only)

Emenike Emmanuel:

Emenike Emmanuel is a business blogger, a social media strategist and a freelance writer. He’s the owner of Entrepreneur Business Blog, the lead coach of The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN), convenor of #NaijaSitUp and the author of Activating the Ministry of Angels, How to Be an Entrepreneur of Excellence and Deliver the Future. He’s a graduate of Physics/Electronics.

On March 21, 2015, Symbol of Hope Media Concept, publisher of Symbol of Hope Inspirational Magazine in recognition of his effort in helping youths turn their passion to profit awarded him, “Inspirational Award”. Since then, he has never looked back. The Same year, he co-authored a publication in International Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews.

Having resigned from a job he was owed 5 months salary and 2 years leave allowance in January 2013, he used all his savings to buy a desktop computer. It was either he made it big writing online and offline or he crawls back to his employer or seeks relief elsewhere. Guess what? He was committed to making a living writing.

After he has made his first 6 digit figures income creating contents for his clients from the comfort of his home, he has decided to teach same strategy to other writers. This is the idea behind his ongoing “Freelance Writing Coaching Class”. He strongly believes that, “if you can think, you are also qualified to make money writing”.

To know more about him visit:
Twitter: @eBusinessRoom | @EmenikeNg

Having these two great writers to coach you one on one will cost you lots of money.

But the make A Living Writing Masterclass will afford you the privilege to pick their brains and know the secrets and tools needed to become a highly paid writer.

Benefits of attending the Masterclass

  1. You’d know Why it is so easy to make money from writing
  2. How to get started as a writer
  3. Profitable writing niche to choose from that guarantees to make you money
  4. How to position yourself as a professional writer
  5. Tools to use to enhance your writing skills and make writing fun.
  6. How a writer can find time among his busy schedules to keep promises made.
  7. How to write quality content that makes clients pay you more.
  8. How To find your first client.
  9. How to pitch your first client.
  10. Various way to make money as a writer (You’d be totally shocked at the many ways you can make money as a writer
  11. How to get social proof and testimonial that increases your rate.
  12. How to leverage the social media to get more clients. (With Facebook alone you can get 100% of your client from there)
  13. How to receive payments from international clients.
  14. International vs local clients. What are the pros and cons of acquiring them?
  15. How to charge what you’re worth without cutting yourself short and sounding like a beggar.
  16. common mistakes to avoid when building a freelance writing business
  17. How to handle writer’s block.
  18. How To get Floods of Ideas to write for your clients every single day.
  19. Websites and writers to follow to grow as a writer.
  20. Niches to avoid if you want to make a living writing
  21. And much more


Just for participating you’d be entitled to loads of bonuses.

  1. You’d get a FREE copy of my ebook: Guestpost Your Way To Online Visibility and Influence worth #3,000
  2. FREE Powerpoint Presentation of the webinar.
  3. Four Copies of Emeka Nobis’ Books:
  • Unchurches
  • Platform Growth (A must Read)
  • Another Dimension
  1. FREE ebook: How I Got 1500+ Twitter Followers in 14 Days Without Paid Promotion

All your questions about making a living from writing will be answered.

Date: 23rd – 25th Feb 2017

Time: 6 pm – 9 pm daily

Venue: Whatsapp Group

Fee: #5, 000

If you’ve read to this point, then I’m super sure that you desire to make a living writing.

Here’s How To Grab Your Spot

To attend this webinar, pay CASH or do Online TRANSFER of N5,000 ONLY into any First Bank branch in Nigeria using  the bank details below:

First Bank

Account Name: Okon Promise Excel

Account Number: 3065283142

Or Pay With Your Credit Card Down Below

Make Payment Now

After Making the payment, make sure you send your details via email SMS/Whatsapp: Full Name, Phone Number.

As soon as the payment is confirmed, you’d be added to the WhatsApp group.

If you don’t make the payment now, you may never come across this opportunity again to be coached and taught by these two great writers at this ridiculous amount.

I call it a ridiculous amount because having these two great minds coach you one-on-one will cost you ALOT.

Don’t allow this opportunity pass you by because I may never hold a webinar like this again about making a living writing.

When it comes to earning from writing, Emeka Nobis is a hot cake in the industry.

Those who have had an encounter with him, know that he is the real deal.

And of course, Emenike Emmanuel is a 6 figure earner from freelance writing. Would you set out on your own and grope in darkness and frustration for 2-3 years before you starting making money from your writing or would you rather be held in the hand and shown the way?

Of course, the importance of a coach in life and business can not be over-emphasized.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity to pick their brains and become a six-figure earner?

Grab your spot now

Space only limited to the first 20 persons.


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