MEP001: Introductory Episode of Maverick Excel Podcast


Finally, I overcame the fear of hearing my own voice…Lol

Isn’t that weird?

Yes, I’m  starting my own podcast show. Launching a podcast has been on my mind since last year 2015. The first time I heard about the word, “podcast” I was excited about the whole idea of owning an online radio show – that’s basically what a podcast is all about.

Thanks to the internet that makes life easier for ordinary people like you and me. In the case of podcasting, I learnt that anybody (like you and me) with a voice, message, mic and internet connection could practically  start a kind of  an online radio show.

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Intrigued by this new found knowledge, I decided to search google to see if anybody in Nigeria was  into podcasting.

Of course, Dayo Samuel of, who I fondly call, “The Father of Podcasting in Africa” was the first name that popped up.

After learning everything I needed to know to launch my podcast, I came up with flimsy excuses why I couldn’t start a podcast.

Those excuses were:

“I can’t afford a recording device”

“My voice sounds terrible”

“Nobody will listen to me”

“Podcasting is too technical”

“I can’t use the software, Audacity to edit my podcast. And the excuses extends to eternity.

So, I became paralyzed with my excuses and postponed launching a podcast to when I’ll feel prepared and comfortable.

Four months ago when I quit my job, launching a podcast was one of the goals I planned to achieve. Due to the challenges that come with quitting your job to focus on your business, I couldn’t start.

However, my interest was aroused again when Samuel Adeoye of started a series “31 Tips For Podcasting in Nigeria” in Nigeria Podcast Network  (Go to the group, click on the file tab/section to read the 31 tips). After the series, I took Dayo’s free course, “ How to Launch Your Podcast in 7 Days or Less

I was too excited, so, I didn’t wait for 7 days, I completed the course  within 4 hours or less. Yes, I’m a fast learner.

The next day, I set out to start my podcast. When I shared the art cover on Facebook, the response was overwhelming. It seemed everybody was waiting for me to start a podcast.

So, this is my first episode. It is an introduction to what my podcast will be all about and what to expect in the future.

The Maverick Excel Podcast is where I’ll be talking about entrepreneurship, blogging and online business.

And also, I hope to interview high profile entrepreneurs, top bloggers and successful business owners. I’ll be featuring startups from time to time.

This is not going to be your average entrepreneur podcast.

Expect the best.

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Listen to the podcast below:

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Do let me know in the comment box below if you had any difficulties in downloading or listening to the podcast. I’d like to hear your feedback so I can improve to serve you better.

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  1. Nice bro. I listened from the browser but the downloaded file is not complete, thus could not play.

    Am really very much encouraged by your million thoughts. This is what the society needs

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