MEP007: 6 Essential Things To Focus To Build a Profitable Online Business

Essential Things To Focus To Build a Profitable Online Business

When starting an online business, there a lot of things that call for your attention that most people get confused and overwhelmed and as a result give up entirely on building an online business.

It becomes even more confusing because of the huge amount of information on the internet.

So, this expert is telling you, “do this” the other is yelling, “do that”.

You’d see supposed internet entrepreneurs asking all the wrong questions when it concerns building an online business.

“Should I use this logo or that logo”?

“Is my website color nice”?

“My Alexa ranking is dropping, what should I do”?

“Which plugin will help me do XYZ”?

Asking questions is good but as long s you keep asking the wrong questions concerning your online business, you’d keep getting the wrong answer.

Until you ask the right questions and do the right and important things that help your business grow, you’d remain in one spot forever.

In this episode of the Maverick Excel Podcast, I talked about 6 essential things you must focus on when building an online business.

And if you’re not doing any of these things, my dear, you’re not building an online business, you’re a running a charitable organization.

These essential things are what the real online entrepreneurs in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world do to building a profitable and successful online business.

They are:

  1. Validate your idea
  2. Email list (list building)
  3. Creating epic (evergreen) content.
  4. Creating (entry level) product
  5. Lead generation
  6. Sales conversation

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Show Note/link:

  1. Validate your idea with,,,, Facebook Ad.
  2. Use for list building

  3. Building epic content: 21+ Types of Content That Will Drive Traffic, Pump-up Sales and Grow Your Business

  4. Speaking engagement

  5. Blog setup service

  6. Content creation

Now, which of these essential things are you doing?

What results are you getting?

Which of these do you need help with?

I would like to hear your feedback.

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