Why 99.999% of Nigerian Internet Marketers are Terribly BROKE

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Are you surprise?

99.999% of the internet marketers you see flashing screenshots of their illusive earning are terribly and pathetically broke.


That’s a crazy thing to say!


Maybe I’ve lost some nuts.


I got this disturbing message from a friend on Facebook complaining bitterly about Nigerian internet marketers. After reading it, I was embarrased and worried about the internet marketers in Nigeria.

Here’s the message:

Bro… Do me a favor… I’d like you to make a post on your blog concerning Nigeria online business men…

Why Nigeria Online entrepreneurs are Very POOR!!!

yes, you heard me.


PayPal funds bla bla bla

Adsence account for sale

And selling of other small petty petty stuff online,

Even selling of free browsing… Like seriously?

All these things are mostly what Nigeria Online marketers do online, and almost all if them are very Poor.

You know why I’m saying this?

Because I’ve taken my time to check the timeline and lifestyle of white (foreign) online marketers… Bro, These guys are filthy rich. And they don’t do any of the stuffs I just listed for you which Nigeria guys do.

And the part that baffles me most is that most of the white guys started just 2-3-4 years ago. It is not as if they have been doing it for a million years.

Eg, I told you about CLICK INTENSITY. Most white guys in click intensity have thousands of adpacks, and they are not even online Guru or whatever. 4000 adpacks in click intensity fetches you around #750, 000 per day Many white guys there have 4000, some have 2000, some 1000 etc.

Now let’s tell ourselves the truth.

How many Nigeria online marketers make 750k per day? Or even half of the money or even quarter of it?

Will fiverr and all these childish stuffs they do fetch such amount of money?…

I don’t know if you have white online marketers on your list, If you do, you will be intimidated by their achievements.. Someone dashed me 10 adpacks in Click intensity. Now calculate how much that is in Nigeria. This person makes nothing less than $8k per day, I can bet my life on that.

But he is just an internet marketer like the naija guys. Have you heard about ASPIRE??? (digital altitude )? Newbies in aspire that knows little about online business makes over $500 perday under 2weeks if starting the program.

Bro, I’m not bluffing you. Ferrari, All these 5 star hotels, they occupy them.

I dont know the correct spelling of there names, I would have given you their names so you will add them up on fb and see for yourself. Upon all the money they have, they still reply my lousy messages online and have time to teach me without collecting kobo .

Nigeria online marketers are abusing everything

This thing have been bothering me for a while..

But I kept shut

But yesterday a certain guy on my list named mark

I just watched one of his YouTube videos

This guy gets 24k 22k etc paychecks like everyday

And the worst of it all is that they are mostly doing all this business on autopilot

Goto click intensity group, You must see Ankur argwal.. Go through that guys profile and watch his videos or anything

You will know money has levels

  • Ibrahim Onyemetu

That message tells us a lot about Nigerian internet marketers.

Alot of them are not creative. There’s this attitude of “monkey see, monkey do” everywhere. Because LindaIkeji is a millionaire entertainment blogger, every Tom and Harry started their own entertainment blog to become millionaires too.

I get a lot message from people who started a blog 4 days ago and are asking how they can make money with it.

What kind of blog?

Of course, the Ol’ over saturated copy and paste entertainment blog.

My question is always this: What problem is your news solving? What value are you giving to people? Why will people leave other popular entertainment and news blog to read yours?

Why should people care that you exist?

What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

No answer?

That’s why you’re broke and your online business will die slowly and steadily.

People are selfish. They will always ask: what is in it for me?

Nobody will pay you for doing nothing for them. They will pay you based on a perceived value they think your product or service can give them.

What does a hungry man needs? clothes? Absolutely not. The best of clothes in the market will mean nothing to a hungry man. The only thing you can do to get his attention is to give him food.

As an internet marketer, what value are you giving to your clients?

It’s annoying to see confused and broke marketers running here and there, selling this and that just to make the quick bucks.

It is very common to see a blogger jump into affiliate marketing, dive into Adsense, run into Ad space selling, fly into products and finally sell off the blog for #2,000.

Then tomorrow he comes back and start selling Ebooks on how to become a Successful Blogger….Lol…Isn’t that ridiculous?

I’m very sure you see that everyday.

They are the people who have so many titles.

Nigerians with titles eh!

It goes like this: Emeka Odogwu Chidubem is a life coach, success booster, podcaster, vlogger, internet marketer, web designer, PHP/JAVA/CSS expert, animator, fashion icon bla bla bla.

They are the ones that troll the internet as experts. Ask for a little help and you’re told to pay heaven and earth. I’m sure you can relate.

They are also the ones who are always busy (doing nothing)! They are either creating the next Facebook or are on the mission to overtake Google.

So, a young man makes his first million naira and the next thing he does is to buy a car just to prove to people that he has arrived. Immediately, he becomes a business expert who knows 1001 tips to become a millionaire.

No wonder they become poor after 2 or 3 years and live in past glory all their lives.

“You know how long I’ve been in the game”?

Yeah I know. The bragging game right?

I just laugh at these so-called internet marketers who try to sell Paypal funds, Payoneer funds, Adsense accounts and all these businesses without future just to stay afloat.

You’re not gonna stay long with such poor business strategy. It will pay the bills for a time but it won’t make your wealthy.

Look closely at the successful internet marketers (bloggers and all online entrepreneurs included). One thing is common about them: they give immense value to their community.

90% of the valuable contents we read online are created by these international bloggers. Not so with Nigerians. It is only news and gossip they have to offer.

As an internet marketer what value are you giving or you’re busy chasing after the next hottest online business?

How You Can Become a Successful Internet Marketer That Stands out from the Crowd

I totally understand that there are many obstacles to becoming a successful internet marketer in Nigeria but this few tips will  show you how you can become an internet marketer that actually makes money and not just getting by or living in past glories.

Know your worth

If you want be to listen to you and value what you do, you must know your worth. Stop running after petty businesses like Adsense account selling and others.

Realize that self-awareness is the first step to success in anything you’re doing. It’s ok to start on a low-key but don’t stay there forever. Stop chasing something that is long dead.

Have a strategic plan

Before you start out on a thing ask how that thing will benefit others and eventually brings money into your pocket. If you’re not making money, you’re not in business. You’re are running an NGO.

So, you must have a strategic plan that gives you an idea of what you can have or become in your journey to becoming a successful internet marketer.

Be Professional

Being professional has to do with your approach and packaging. Don’t be seen in the midst of pigs, less you’ll be labelled as such. It is not everything you should post on your social media accounts. Don’t jump into every breaking news you hear especially if it has nothing to do with your industry.

Use only the language that’s typical of your industry. I see lots of so-called internet marketers flood their Facebook timeline with jokes and comedy post. Are you basket mouth? Abi AY?

I know there’s time to be in a light mood but don’t over do it. Your fans will soon get tired of your silly jokes and just turn away from you.


The importance of focus cannot be over-emphasized here. Let your message be one. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Instead of running after every shiny object, create one that people run to. Put all your heart to becoming successful no matter what.

Be Patient

Things may not work out the way you want at first but patience will eventually win the game.

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Give immense value

This probably the most important tips to become a successful internet marketer. Give immense value to your community first without expecting anything and before you realize it, everybody is paying to do what you love.

Be consistent

Don’t give up so soon. Not now! You have come a long way. Do you want people to forget about all your hard work? By no means.

Keep going and going until the going takes you closer to your goals.

Don’t be ashamed to introduce yourself as a hardcore hustler until you no longer have to introduce yourself again. Be proud to rock your worn-out shoe and torn shirt until the guy on suit becomes embarrassed.

In your pursuit to become a successful internet marketer, resolve to stay longer than everyone.

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Do something incredibly amazing

stop playing small when you are actually bigger than your wildest thought. Don’t be the next quack doctor down the street. Stand out from the crowd with your awesome product/service.

Challenge yourself to do something big. Seriously, stop selling #1000 Ebooks…Lol. You deserve better.

The online world is full of opportunities out there. So, don’t limit yourself.

Share your thoughts with us. What do you think about Nigerian internet marketers?



5 thoughts on “Why 99.999% of Nigerian Internet Marketers are Terribly BROKE”

  1. Mubarak Aminu

    it’s annoying to see Nigerian internet entrepreneur thinks the can make quick money online for doing nothing, if you cannot sell, them forget online business and do something else better with your life.

  2. Bravo!
    I’ve barely spent a week reading your blog posts & you’re already one of my favourite upcoming bloggers in Nigeria.
    I love the way you lash it out on the so called self-acclaimed internet marketers in Nigeria.
    We really need change in the psychology of online income.
    You’re really doing a great job bro.
    Keep it up!

  3. Probably.. If your friend did a little more research he would know that Nigerians are not allowed on most of these affliate programs… Even digital altitude, online sales pro…. Talkless of clickbank…. The truth is that online marketers in Nigeria… Don’t have the same opportunity as those outside the country….. Even our PayPal can’t receive funds…..
    So i think instead of dissing the online entrepreneurs….. You should post affliate programs that are available for Nigerians.. And where payout doesn’t depend on PayPal…

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