No Knowledge Is a Waste: My First Computer Training and Its Impact in My Life


It was July 2012.

I had graduated from high school (secondary school. Duh!).

The next thing in every body’s lips was about writing JAMB exam (Joint Admission Matriculation Board). I was at home waiting for the next form to come out so I could apply.

A woman came to my mum’s shop one day and asked my mum about my school. She (my mum) told her that I was done with school. Then she advised that my mum enroll me for a computer training.

As of that time, the only thing I knew about computer was the definition 😂. So, I was excited to finally learn more about it.

I went to the training center, make inquiries and returned to tell my mum. The fee was a meagre N8,500. Sharwama money! 😂 My mum had just started her restaurant business so she couldn’t afford it. However, she managed to squeeze out N3,000.

I went to the training center, begged the manager and promised to pay the balance in a month. My mum was able to pay the balance in 25 days. Mama di mama 🙌🙌. It was a huge sacrifice for her then but she did it anyway.

Anything for her baby boy 😂

My instructor was the best. He was funny and smart. He taught us with so much passion. I wish I could meet him one day and tell him that I now press computer for a living 😂😂

I got to learned how to use the computer and even more importantly, how to browse the internet through that training. It was after that training that my curiosity for the internet started.

That N8,500 that my dear mother squeezed out from her new business to pay for my training has paid off tremendously.

As of the time, I did the training to while away time until I get admission into school. But it turned out that the training opened me up to a new world of endless opportunities. All I do and know today is as a result of that training.

Shout out to my amazing instructor and my mum.

Why I’m sharing this with you today is to remind you that no knowledge is a waste. No kobo invested in your personal development is ever a waste. The reward will always find its way to you. Sometimes , in a way you least expected it.

After the training, I thought that maybe one day I’ll be a computer instructor too. Because, damn, I was good. I mean, I was the best in my class. My name “Excel” follows me everywhere I go.

Well, I ended up becoming all that I am today because of that training.

There’s always a reward for every time, money, energy and resources you invest in your personal development . Maybe not immediately but eventually it does come.

You must not joke with personal development. You know this already but you scoff at those who organize paid training. You call them hustlers. You laugh at them. In fact, you even wonder why they should charge for their knowledge.

You should rather go hungry and naked and feed your mind than fill your stomach and be an idiot.

In this life, I have borrowed money to buy a course. I have attended a training on credit. After the training, I made double of the fee and paid my debt.

Not many people will share this with you. I can share this now because I can afford to pay for any course I want to now.

There’s a particular coaching program worth 2 million naira that I’m “eyeing” this year.

My sweerie pie (my best friend) laughs at me each time I buy a new course. She’ll be like: Oh no! Another course, have you finished the previous one? And we’ll both laugh.

How much value due you place on yourself to invest on yourself? Think about it.

Those people always looking for freebies don’t value themselves or believe in themselves to be worth a dime.

I can categorically tell you that I have benefited from almost every knowledge I’ve acquired.

No, I don’t mean that rubbish they teach us in school – how to draw a goat and label it.


I mean, real life 21st century skills and knowledge.

Did I tell you that one time in my life I spent 20 hours trying to figure out how to install WordPress? Today I’ve installed and built websites on WordPress more than I can remember.

I learned how to use Audacity software to record and edit audios through a video tutorial.

I can go on and on to count the things I’ve learned in the past through courses, training, coaching programs and books that I have benefited from. None has been a waste of time.

So, buy that book. Enroll in that course. Join that coaching program. Pay for that class.

In this life, you shall receive 100 percent reward.

Show yourself that you are worth investing in.

How far have you gone in investing in your personal development?

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