30 Online Entrepreneurs Share How They Made Their First Money Online


About ten years ago, making money online in Nigeria was only a dream. A lot of the people who were making money online then were the “yahoo-yahoo boys” – online fraudsters.

So, it was perceived that anyone who was making money online was a scammer (yahoo-yahoo boy). There were only very few Nigerians who were making real legitimate money online.

Now the game has changed. A ten year-old boy with a computer and an internet connection can make a living online.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 86,219,965 (86.2 million) Internet Users in Nigeria (2016).

What does that mean?

It means that there are over 86 million potential customers in Nigeria waiting to buy from you. Anything can be produced and sold online. Anything like books, apps, softwares, videos, pictures etc.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that making money online is easier than making money offline.

The truth of the matter is, there are only two ways you can make money online in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

You either sell a product, a service or both. there’s no magic.

Whether it is affiliate marketing, freelance writing, publishing Google ads or whatever.

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You MUST SELL SOMETHING to make money.

Blogging alone will not make you a dime. I realized that truth earlier enough in my blogging career and it has made a diiference in my life.

A blog is only a tool or platform like the Social Media (FAcebook, twitter, instagram etc) to build an audience and SELL SOMETHING TO THEM.

Stop waiting for the glorious day, Google Adsense will approve your account. That day may never come.

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When I started blogging newly I was jumping from one CPC and CPM ad Network to another. I tried everything under the sun. I was seriously distracted by ad networks like Adquet, Infolink, Chikita, Bidvertizer, Media.net, Google Adsense and a host of others too nmuerous to mention or remember.

I was really frustrated.

After all the sweet sweet things I’ve read about making money online? Why is it so difficult?

Then I decided to dump every Ad network and focus on doing just two things: sell products and services on my blog.

I have never regretted this decision.

People visit my blog and they’re like: how do you make money? There is no Google ad displayed on it?

I just smile and say, “I sell my services”

You can check my service page here

So for this important topic of making money online in Nigeria, I featured over 30 online entrepreneurs in Nigeria to share the story of their first income online.

You know that feeling when something you started out as a joke started making you money?

You smile like a man who has been given a love portion by a Calabar girl.

These online entrepreneurs are not only bloggers. Some are internet marketers, freelance writers, affiliate marketers, developers, web designers and other respective fields.

I do really thank them for taking the time out to contribute to this roundup post.

It is actually my first roundup post.

It was a very tedious work for me to put this up but i’m sure that it is worth the trouble.

So, if you’re just starting out online and you’ve not made a dime yet, don’t give up.

There’s still hope for you.

No matter how long it’s going to take you, your hustle must pay one day.

Just don’t stop yet. Keep grinding. Keep thriving. Keep moving.

People are watching.

You’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Befrore we move on, let me share a little story of my first money online:

I made my first money online two months after blogging. I started blogging 4th March, 2015 and I made my first money online, May 31st, 2015.

I saw an advert on Jide’s Bloggers Forum, looking for a writer to write for a tech blog. Then, I knew nothing about tech blogging but I applied to write for the blog.

To my surprise, the guy accepted that I write for him. I was given 5 topics to write on and submit. At first, I thought it was a scam but the guy assured me that he could be trusted.

He agreed to pay #600 for an article. So, the five articles were priced at #3000. I was so excited because that was my first time of writing for a pay.

At that time I was still on my day job, so, I submitted the first article very late. Though, the client was impressed by my work, he was displeased that I had submitted it rather too late.

The contract was terminated. I was paid for just one article.

Instead of #600, I was paid #1000 because my work exceeded his expectation.

That is it.

My first income online was #1000 from writing. It took me a very long time to make money again because at that time, I was still working as a classroom teacher.

I quit my day job over a month ago to focus on my online business.

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Right now, I’m a full-time blogger and freelance writer.

Enough with me.

Now let’s hear from other online entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

I asked these online entrepreneurs the following questions:


So, let’s hear their story one after another.

Mathias Amodu of Zealmat

Mathias Amodu

It took me just roughly 4 months with hard and perfect work and also sleepless night. My first money online was $50.

The Nigeria classified company that deals with buying and selling of good and services sent me a request just to sponsor a post on my blog and it was already written by them.


Just believe in what you know best and stop killing your zeal all in the name of Adsense and NOTE

I never use any ads on my blog on till Google adsense approved zealmatblog

With full interest in making the world a better place for every upcoming webmaster at large, Most times i wonder if technology will make you what you are really determine to become in future and all my plans was to create a place were everything is being made easy for our unborn children.

My blog which is www.zealmat.com has been my best partner….. But why?

Ok let me tell you the real fact here,

Most times i find it difficult to write most of my knowledge on social media because everyday we keep receiving same complain so I choose to keep it expose on my own platform and I guess it has generated many bosses today.

Nigeria is not the best computerized country not even to compare with China, Japan, or India but my believe is that, in the year 2020 the webmasters in Nigeria will not only be blogging but will become the main source of different online facilities and equipments.

Mathias Amodu is the founder of Zealmat.com

Saminu Abass Ola of SABtrends

Saminu Abass Ola

I came across the word ‘blogging’ in year 2013 but I have been owner of many wapka sites and also admin in other wapka sites. I built a wordpress site in year 2013 but after short times I stopped because I was not enjoying it as a result of frustration. In January, 2015 I started the blogging career as a professional with blogger site.

Making money online as a matter of fact has not been my motive at all. Making my first earning online was just a surprise and was happy throughout that week as well as that month.

My first earning online experience was through the online marketing platform called fiverr. I had created an account on fiverr since 2013. I came to know about fiverr through a white man whom we worked together as editor on football pages on facebook.

He said, Mr Possible you are talented and brilliant; take this site and go make yourself rich by earning from the site. I opened an account then in 2013 but my earning on that platform was last year 2015 because I did not really know what the site is all about. I refined all my online present in year 2015 in which blogging and fiverr were also revived as well.

I met an American man on fiverr on the buyers’ request option whom was in need of a facebook page with at least 30,000 fans. I knew I did not have a 30,000 fans facebook page but I sent an offer to the person to come in for a facebook page of 15,000+ fans. Fortunately for me, he accepted my offer and a deal was done.

I gave the white man a quotation of $20 to my surprise he did not cut down the price. What makes me feel unhappy a bit what was the process of fiverr which takes 14 days to have your revenue and the S1 commission you made on any $5. Finally, my earning online was $18.

Finally, my first earning on my blog was also through fiverr platform where a white lady requested to sponsor an article on my blog which also earned me just a little dime of $10.

Saminu Abass Ola is the founder of SABTrends a Nigerian based public blog owned by a young vibrant, intelligent, teacher, motivational writer and Entrepreneur with the sole aim of impacting, waking the conscience of the coming generation and make sure youth get motivated to believe in the inner-ability in them in order to achieve success in life.

Akpene Jacob of Lasgidi Online


Making money online was not my main aim of starting a blog though, i just wanted to create a platform for my self where i will share news and celebrity gossip with others but one needs to get some money to pay bills na lol.

so i started this blog in November 2013, it took me close to two years before i earned a dime from it.

I earned my first money through a sponsored post, this was how i earned it. On the 8th of June 2015, i received a mail from Alex a represenative of jiji.ng asking if i can help publish an article with a backlink to their website for N3000.

I was so happy not beacsue of the money but because someone is seen value in my work which i never knew, I replied the mail telling him he should make it N5000.

He accepted and that was how i received alert of N5000 on the 18th of June 2015 and i went ahead to publish the article.

Today i have published 4 sponsored posts for jiji.ng alone which doubles that amount, and i also earn from my other income sources online.

Akpene Jacob is a blogger at Lasgidi Online

Abuku Orode of Cash Range

Abuku OrodeBeing an entrepreneur could be a long and lonely path to walk, full of
risk and failure, however, it is a crucial path that only those who
are determined to succeed beyond a classic or white collar job would
take.Over the years I’ve decided to walk that path of loneliness and risk,
with a lot of up’s and down’s.My journey to become an entrepreneur
all started in the year 2011 after I completed my secondary school
education.In that year I run about 3 online businesses but not even
one was a little bit favourable to me then. The returns from the business were still not up to my capital.I had to try several other times on new businesses, but still to no avail,
it continued that way till I got admission into the university in 2013.There I met likeminded persons whom we all tried and explored
new things to together.However, I learnt that business and school work don’t mix, I had to
pay more attention to academics while using leisure times for
business, this caused a major setback in my quest to succeed online.One faithful day, I read a book that says “all that you ever need to
succeed and be what you desire is inside of you”.I cogitated on those words and discovered that I’m good in writing, especially on financial matters and also blog customization.Having made some decisions after a careful thought, I then offer to
sell articles to blogs and also customize blogs, for a little fee, but
the major setback I experienced was that I had no client, maybe
because I charge too high… (lol)However, on February, 2014 I offered to customize a music blog for
someone at a giveaway price of N10,000. To which he accepted. And
that was my first real earning from the online world.In a nutshell, It took me about two years and some months from the
time I started to hustle online (August, 2011 – February, 2014) to
make a meaningful income of N10,000.And from then till now, I’ve made lots of income from the internet through writing, editing and also customizing blogs. Plus also offering little assistance in regards to
helping people get their blogs approved for Adsense and selling of
ebooks.Furthermore, I decided to start a blog about personal finance, and on
September, 2015. I lunched my blog (cashrange.com) where I still earn
some more income.My entrepreneurial journey was truly a long and lonely one, but I’m
already reaping its dividends because of hard work.Conclusively, to all aspiring entrepreneurs, always learn from your
mistakes, reflect and accept the failure, but revisit your passion and
keep pursuing your goals no matter what.

Abuku Orode is a personal finance blogger, writer, editor and also a
webmaster at Cash Range

Ikoi Abode Ikenna of  Abode Business

Ikoi Abode Ikenna

Everyone has their story and so do I, though mine is far from the usual

I took interest of the internet world and the opportunity of making money online at the year 2010 after secondary school, I needed to do something to make money as I have already said to myself that I won’t ask my parents for money to shave my bears, when I grow them.

However, the physical hard work was not an option for me, besides I knew that people who make the most money in any business are not the people who work the hardest physically, but rather who work smart so I opted online and decided to work smart.

Truth be told, it’s not easy to make money online especially when you are a novice. I started off like any other novice, researching, reading and signing up for anything preached to make money. But most usually turn to be just a good article as they were either scam or a joke.

However, out of the entire buck I tried, I soon became more acquainted with fiverr, some affiliate marketing sites and blogging but above all blogging just worked best for me.

I soon forgone others to start blogging and I created my first blog Abode Business on the 12th of November 2012(between the hours of 10pm-12am) and made my first money through blogging and it took me few months after setup.

My first money online was 2000 naira through my blog. Surprise? Yes its 2000 naira and believe me, I was so proud of myself(with gratitude to God) and so happy that I made this amount.

It wasn’t all about the amount but the hope it brought to me. You know, having heard of people making millions blogging ( but you aren’t seeing even a hundred coming your way) and also having people tell you, you’re wasting your time and having setbacks, the money brought hope and the message that yes I can make more and that am not wasting my time

Unlike most wannabe bloggers, who want to be like Linda Ikeji, naija loaded or the likes I started blogging in a niche I know much about, I still remember who started blogging with me the same day dropped just few months after.

Instead of imitating Linda or any other, I ventured into entrepreneurship, a niche, many wouldn’t want to read on, Nigeria prefer News, Gossip and the likes rather than business and entrepreneurship, irrespective of this I still forged ahead, but knowing the circumstance surrounding this selected niche, I needed a way to sponsor the blog, so I created E-Books.

When I started Abode business, all I have was business ideas and skills I accumulated from years of attending seminars and workshops, but never had the capital to start. instead of letting it sleep with me, I started selling them via e-books. The first ever e-book I sold was my E-book on liquid soap which I sold at the price of 2000 naira.

While most bloggers were waiting to get thousands monthly traffic and get approved to AdSense, I created e-books to sell and make profit out of every hundred that visit my site per month.

My story like I said earlier is quite different from the usual but certainly means that anyone can make money online and like I did, can certain make money from blogging even from the first 100 visitors you get.

My first money online was 2000, yours can be 200,000 or even more as there is even more opportunities in blogging now than ever. Instead of trying to be like others, be you. You can create ebooks, promote affiliate product related to your niche, that way you can earn hugely from blogging.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna is the founder of www.abodebusinessonline.com. It’s a blog on Business and entrepreneurship. We discuss business ideas, start-ups, business funding, licensing, entrepreneurship development and general business advice and tips for successful business start-up, management and success. 


Chimezie Ozofor of Jtown Connect

Chimezie Ozofor

The journey started all in 2013/14 after attending a seminar in Lagos. I opened my first blog then, but was not really doing well.

It was not promising at all probably because I was still naive about the whole thing, but I never gave up because it’s my passion (having that dream of owning my own blog, write for the world at large to read and get satisfaction not forgetting making money and become famous too lol).

I managed that same blog till February 2015, but was still using my small phone to post and hoping on free cheats from all network providers. If no cheat, i won’t blog lol, because I don’t have money then to subscribe.

Like I said, I never gave up. I started saving money for a laptop at the same time making necessary research to better my blogging career. To God be the glory I learnt some of the important things I needed to know which till date is still sustaining me.

In the state where I base (Jos) I noticed that the few bloggers here are lacking some techniques in blogging, so I decided to take that advantage to explore Jos. That was when the name JTownConnect came into my head and I decided to buy the domain and explore all what I have learnt in it. The blog was launched officially in November 15, 2015.

I must say, ever since then till now, it has connected me to lot’s of top celebrities within and outside Jos, also made me an outstanding blogger and well known in the city of Jos that other bloggers here have all contacted me so we could work one or two things out together.

Talking about my first income, I must say, it was not that cool but I concur lol. As the blog was launched, not up to a month it went viral in Jos, and different artistes started contacting me for music promotion.

So what I changed the first artiste that approached me was 1,000 naira (I’m shy). But to God be the glory I have advanced.

No music promotion I do that is below 5,000 naira for audios, while Videos are 10,000 naira upwards. (And believe me these promos comes like every now and then)

The next income was from Google after I was approved, I received my first payment after 3month lol. I made 34,500 Naira.

Now I get different adverts from top companies and organizations ranging from MTN Nigeria, OneCoin Africa and others (which currently are running on my blog) These are big money guys.

I noticed also that the blog has gone viral beyond my imagination. The fan base started expanding ranging from different states in Nigeria and the world at large.

That was when I re edited the blog, changed the description and other things because then my aim was to focus just on Jos entertainment and all happenings there. But seeing the massive growth, I decided to make the blog a general one.

I hope and believe that in few years to come, I should be among the most talked about bloggers in Nigeria.

Chimezie Ozofor is the CEO of J Town Connect


Abel Babalola Babs of Babs Reviews

Abel Babalola Babs

Making my first income online didn’t take long at all. It happened in
my 17th year on earth and It was about $27 now #8600+ .

There was a time when selling Information products was trending in Nigeria so I
bought one back then.

Instead of practicing what’s inside the book I went ahead to write my own book (each cost $3), set up a sale page for it asking people to pay to the bank, send me the teller details
before they received the product. I had a local forum back then so it
was used to promote the product.

Made a few bucks. But things changed.

I guess the takeaway from that should be once you see an opportunity
to do something worth doing at all, do it well and market it

I had no idea what I was doing back then but I did it
anyways. Never stop learning and take action. Action is everything.
Pablo Picasso once said it’s the foundational key to success.

Nowadays, most of my income come from SEO clients and promoting other
people’s product (Affiliate marketing).

Abel Babalola Babs is the founder of Babs Reviews


Harrison Aniebiet of 9jaVibes

Harrison Aniebiet

Envy and jealousy is sometimes the driving force for success.

Believing that making money online is real was one easy thing I found so hard to believe. I believed so much on my doubt than fact.

But when I realized that peeps around me were actually doing what I said it can never be done, my entire philosophy about online world collapsed in less than a second.

I joined the crew latter on, spamming restlessly on facebook 247 daily. It took me barely 2 months to receive my first money online. That was precisely $285 from AdSense.

So if you have my blood group, those who never believe it’s possible. Just like the synaptic gospel, repent and start believing. Because the first step to solving any problem is to first believe that there is a solution.

You might find it challenging to make even as little as $100 in 5 months.

Don’t worry, all I can say is, stop using your ideas, strength, time, money etc alone to work. Invite God to help your hustle. Don’t forget, it is God that gives all the ability to make wealth.

Never give up. Only persistence wins the race. God bless your hustle. See you at the top man.

Harrison Aniebiet is a blogger at 9jaVibes


Darlington Okafor of W3Programs

Darlington Okafor

It all started from my days in primary school, I always get obsessed with computer technologies like mobile phone and computers, though I was dreaming of becoming the next Shakespeare.

Yeah, I developed an interest in books during my primary school days and read wide and wild, almost anything I see; newspapers, journals, magazines, history books, novels. I get so obsessed that I start writing and currently have two unpublished novels plus a number of poems, and so it goes, then something happens.

What’s that?

Well, I got a gift from my aunt, guess what? A computer! And that made all the difference.

The passion caught me like a wild bush fire in the harmattan, up to the point that my uncle has to take the laptop away from me. I felt so bad for so long, then decided that I am going to get myself a laptop but that proves to be a herculean task for me.

Truly, there is no easy task.

I took solace in my phone and started surfing the internet like mad. I was among the tech guys in school, a group of five weird boys that you don’t wanna mess with or we will put your phone into voicemail, block it, lock it or send a virus into it.

Yeah, as children we enjoy playing pranks with our new found knowledge.

But as boys start becoming men I started shifting my attention to more serious things online, I went into wapka website designs when it was the vibe and norm in Nigeria. Later, I discovered www.w3schools.com and that changed everything.

Then, I would sleep at a friend’s house just to have access to his computer and learn code at w3schools with it. I have problems with my uncle regarding my late nights. He even thought I have joined the bad boys.

Passion is a madman.

I learned and learned and learned and ‘am still learning because the moment you stops learning you are dead.

In my internet surfing, I discovered blogging and caught an interest there, and because am a techie I turned my writing to tech stuff, especially the web and computer tips.

I am a down to earth Do-It-Yourself type of person and found it easy hosting and installing my first WordPress online, buying my domain and linking it together to my hosted account, courtesy of the wonderful people at www.wpbegginer.com.

I must confess I have not been fair with my blog (www.w3programs.com). I treated my blog badly by not being consistently feeding (updating) it. But I made sure I clothed it with the best purple apparel (good and responsive theme), gave it an alien magnetic power to attract (S.E.O), and trained it to become another Usain Bolt (lightning speed). I did all these wonderful things but left it hungry and angry, high and dry.

If my blog is a person, he did shot me in the head.

Anyways, the blog was just a faithful and jolly companion. I got my first website design work through it which paid for my very first laptop.

The work (www.kesienashop.com), was charged at fifty thousand naira. I guess it was not bad for a first time work.

Oh! I remember dancing to all the popular tunes all day long.

I am happy and am not denying it!

Though the owner hasn’t started making use of it since then, and I have called her many times to know what’s up but she kept posting me. I recently got another design work through her.

From then on, I started getting works here and there, both graphics, logos, and website design work.

Sincerely speaking, you need to suffer your body. You need to make some sacrifices like sacrificing your sleep, your food, your money, your time, even your attention to your friends and loved ones.

I haven’t reached the pole. It is not yet Uhuru. I still need to push on and on and on.

Hard work pays, but it ought to be smart hard work or nothing happens.

Darlington Okafor is a blogger and web developer/designer at W3Programs


Tunde Sanusi of Net Social Blog

Tunde Sanusi

I started blogging in 2012 although with a lot of errors as a newbie.

The beginning of my blogging journey was with a single blog which is full of JACK AND JILL POSTS but as time goes likewise through trials and experiments, i became familiar with what’s and what’s not cool.
Discovering this, i then decide to adjust some of the mistakes. To cut the story-short, i now manage a tech blog at www.netsocialblog.com and lifestyle blog at www.tuhamworld.com .

My first income was earned like 2 or 3years later and it was due to a blog I designed for a client (I focus majorly on blog designing at that time till now).

Tunde Sanusi is the founder of Net Social Blog


Okon George of Okon George

okon george

When I started an online business precisely in year 2011, I had no any idea on how to earn income online; neither did I know who exactly to lean on as mentor for guidance and help.

I started everything on my own, and I learned the hard way. I subscribed to almost everything I came across on the web, bought several courses, had sleepless night, warned out and broke just to see to it that I made money from the internet.

I couldn’t make a dime all those while not until 2013 when I stumbled on Strong Future International (SFI) through Pluginprofitsite.

The SFI till date is my internet school of thought bas on it wide range of information base, un-relented internet marketing power aid, super tools and support.

It was from the SFI after three years; I grew my knowledge base and had the experience of what it’s like earning an income online.

The first money I made online was $1, though I was not able to withdraw my earning then, since the minimum withdrawal was $20 for non American citizen, but the money was right then in my SFI account.

It grew in subsequent months which I later used them to purchased some items like ebooks, WAVE 3 automotive decay etc.

I earned the money from SFI by completion of some daily required tasks like visiting To-do-list and competing various task there, completing my profile, setting goals, reaching 1500 Versa Point every month, referring members to SFI and Tripleclicks, generating TCredit etc.

Okon George is the founder of Okon George


Moses Joseph of Free Browsing Link

Moses Joseph

For the first time, I heard the word “Make or Making Money Online” it really got me crazy, it marvelled me a lot. Back then, anytime, my brothers are speaking about making money online, I really found it crazy, but when the money starts flowing in, everything changed!

There and then, I started looking for a way to get money offline to start online business, it worked for me though. I took some of my time, worked for them, and got paid. I bought my new and first Nokia Symbian phone.

I didn’t start rich, I didn’t borrow money to start blogging, just like the way many did. But in the early days of my blogging, I was really happy for one thing, I didn’t look for help, from another source, because I have my brothers there with me. Anyway, let’s go straight to the point.

Just like others, I started with a Blogspot. To be sincere, I had two websites. Educational website(a .com)  and a Tech website (a blogspot), but looking at the two, the Tech website, was earning me more money than the .com. So just like every other Nigerian, I dumped the .com and started exploring the .blogspot Tech site.

Let’s forget about that .com Educational website, because it was not really mine. So to be precise, I created my blogspot in 8th of August 2013. i.e,  it took me just 4months to start earning money. But by Tue, Apr 29, 2014, I earned my first adsense money.

It wasn’t big though. I started with qadabra,  admedia, media.net, and ,many of them. But all those money were nonsense. My first money was just #1000, after selling the 3 dollar to my brothers.

Meanwhile, I started seeing my small small adsense change from Tue, Apr 29, 2014 and of which I earned just $0.19.

Moses Joseph is the Founder of Free Browsing Link


Prince Abidogun of HypesTv

Prince Abidogun

Let’s say a year. I was making money but not really much.

But within that one year I made up to 10,000 airtime and  #25,000 in cash.

It was not much though, but it was good for a start.  As a music person, I got it from a song I promoted.





Prince Abidogun is a talented Blogger , Vlogger & Promoter @ Hypestv.com




Ajetunmobi Daniel of Ajetoms Blog

Ajetunmobi Daniel

I have been blogging since Senior Secondary School 2 but I knew nothing about blogging.

I was searching all through my days for info on how to make money online blogging. Seriously, I had no help not until I got to 200 level in University.

I searched through the net and came across OgbongeBlog, MaverickExcel, RosyOmeje, and NehemyBlog.

This 4 successful bloggers has really helped me a lot in blogging. I could design, think, write, but I was only aiming at money which was not supposed to be.


So, this really affected me and I wasted my resources online with no solutions.

I felt stranded and was so broke. I just kept moving forward having the believe that I will surely achieve what I’ve decided to achieve.

I even went into Affiliate Marketing but really didn’t have my audience, people who will buy want I was promoting as an affiliate marketer.

I studied business administration in school and I have enough ideas about what they are teaching me in school as a business administrator.

So therefore, I decided (1st of May, 2016) to create and design a business blog “AjetomsBlog”.

I’m using a Non-Hosted Account to earn my money blogging because I was permanently blocked by Adsense; only a Blogger like me can understand what I’m talking about.

My Blog is now 2 months 2 weeks old as at 14th of July, 2016. I have never withdrawn any cash online but the amount of money I have earned so far is just $5 dollars.

I earned this through backlinks, adwords, fb groups & pages… I’m still hoping to earn more as a business Blogger.

Moreover, I’m not in hurry because personally, I’m not after the money. I’m after what I want to give to the people, to solve their problems, and get their perfect attention.

Ajetunmobi Daniel is a business blogger at Ajetoms Blog


Frank Umeadi of FrankApp Web Technologies

Frank Umeadi

I have been in the online business (Online Marketing, Web development, Bulk SMS Solutions, Blogging etc) for the past 5 years.

My first viable income was 50,000 NGN in the year 2014 precisely at Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos State.

I got this through the development of a professional company profile website for Royal International Drinks Ltd.
Since then, most of my income has been on Web development, Bulk SMS Solutions (www.appwebSMS.com), Teaching on ICT Seminars, and blogging (AdSense).





Frank Umeadi is CEO of FraNKAPPWeb Technologies, an ICT Firm aimed at delivering excellent services such as Bulk SMS Solutions (https://appwebSMS.com), Web Application Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Networking, Computer Training and lots more. I am also Tech Blogger / Owner of FraNKAPPTech.com. I am also an internet marketer and a programmer who writes in PHP, Java, C# etc. I am popularly known as FraNKAPP and you may be wondering why they call me that name right? Then read http://frankapptech.com/inspiring-life-story-of-frank-umeadi-as-he-celebrates-his-birthday/

Larry Frank of Larry Frank

Larry FrankTalking about my first income online, I can’t really be specific about the first income I made online as I offered a whole lot of services in my early days online, some which include (Web Designs and Graphics) all from clients online.

But If I’m to say anything about the first memorable income I made online, it was the first 50usd I made from my blog towards the end of 2014 (from a sponsored post though).

It looked so much to me like a win-win situation though it was not really a huge sum compared to what I got from some web design jobs, but the fact that it was from my blog made got me a heck of joy.

Larry is a blogger at LarryFrank.com



Emmanuel Ekanem of Noble Loaded

emmanuel ekanem

Well, I started my online biz as a wapmaster (now a blogger) using the
wapka platform far back 2013, where i learnt HTML and CSS, which i
used in designing my wapsite to my taste, although didn’t earn from it
then, not until early 2015.
It was in December 2014 that I got a message on facebook from a guy
that said he had seen my site and want me to setup something like that
for him.

At that time it was hard to tell someone that you will design
his site at the rate of N4,000, due to the fact that some wapka
source-coders will be advertising getting a well design wapka site at
a low rate of N200.

You can imagine!

Then how will someone now pay you N4,000 (which was my price for wapka site design) when he is seeing advert of that same site for N200, lolz, so it was not easy but finally in early 2015, i was able to convince the guy about the quality of the site i was to design for him(not the source-coders site
that had the same design).

So we bargained and ended in N3,000, which he paid…lol low right? Remember it was my first online earning ever. I was happy about it.

From then on I started having jobs to design sites although my rate was low but I cared less.
Finally, I decided to move over to blogger platform in august 2015(not
up to a year now) and so far with God’s help my earnings have
increased to 5 figures.

Although still running some low rates to those
using the wapka platform.

Let me stop here, if not i may end up writing a full blog post.

The bottom line is; patience, consistence and hardwork pays. I saw that in
my case.

So whatever online biz your are doing, do it with your very
best and you may be smiling sooner or later.

Emmanuel Ekanem is a blogger at Noble Loaded


Ifediri Dominic of EdiTweaks Inc.

Ifediri Dominic

At the start of my journey, I read blogs and did research a lot.

I picked a few role-models (you have to pick a role-model or mentor for every journey or mission you want to embark on, with their guide, you’ll make less mistakes and go far, faster)

I had to obey the rules they recommended even if it wasn’t easy to do so. I spent time writing quality contents and pushing traffic.

It took me about 8 months after launching my blog to make my first online cash through a Sponsored post on my blog. It was just 40USD. But so far I had received more than triple of that for same service.


Ifediri Dominic is the founder of Editweaks Inc.


Turner Andrew of Andise-Group

Turner Andrew

I started off on what i call a low fuel level and as a matter of fact no one was ready to help, I bought several books, borrowed several books and got many disappointments from the so called internet lords who claim to rule the web as at when I started.

Finally in the year 2009 while I was thinking of quitting because I thought all the written information’s and the video tutorials were myths.

I finally came across some books that were specifically teaching about personal branding and the importance of carving-out a unique niche that would stand-out.

For a moment I thought to myself, “what exactly is it that I have been doing wrong” the first thing I was able to realize is! I have been in the wrong boat, wrong boat?

Yea!!! I was actually following the wrong pack and doing the same things and making the same mistakes they were making, I looked around and I saw there were still too many un-touched niches I could probably carve out for myself.

The question I asked myself while trying to refurbish my entire life was;

why should they choose me other than my counterparts?”

Well this brought me to the drawing board and I began to brain-storm, at this point I wasn’t ready to lose all my years of sleepless nights and what I would have called wasted internet subscription fees, and this was when internet subscription was as expensive as diamond in Africa.

So I began to think real deep and the more I brainstormed! the more I got more ideas and the harder things seem to turn out, I tried experimenting with most of the thoughts and ideas I had but most of it failed, later on I ventured into a partnership deal by collaborating with few people I met online to start a website that would be more of a forum, but it crashed after some little time due to lack of commitment from the other tribes, so I decided to follow the lone-man’s route and believe me, it wasn’t easy as well.

But finally I was able to hit the nail when I devised some better idea and as I implemented these ideas things began to turn-up, ideas like, starting a website design company.

As a matter of fact, I had no single knowledge of how even the simplest of them all worked {HTML} but I worked as a contractor and I began to make little income, but my first official income came from a logo design that I made for a church! This cost them about $40 dollars.

I also began to read more articles on the subject line of the kind of business I now run, later I branched into logo/banner making business and it paid off, but at this point I needed a standard point of sale and a particular profession I can point my finger at and say “yes! This is my field of play.”

so I finally settled for two things which I have always had deeper passion for, Telecommunication/Tele-marketing business, and coupled with my passion for blogging I ventured into blogging and article sales business which has made me not less than $10,000 in cash worth of money.

It took years, time, patience, sleepless nights, money and courage for me to get to where I am today; it would have been a waste of time and money & a total waste of my entire life if I didn’t finally achieve what I had envisioned and dreamt of achieving.

Although it is always better to assess yourself very well, ask yourself if you are really meant for whatever it is you are trying to aim at, not everyone must make money online, not everyone can be a podcaster, not everyone can write articles, and some would come and go while some would eventually succeed.

One thing though that pains me a lot this days is that, most newbie who are just coming in always want to start making money overnight, they lack patience, commitment, and most of all they want to reap what they didn’t sow.

You can’t expect to make money when you’re not ready to even invest some yourself.

I failed countless amounts of times, friends and even family laughed at me, many people thought I would never succeed or amount to nothing but I kept pressing on. Today I’m a successful life/self development coach, business owner and a dedicated speaker and motivator and I have vowed to reach out and practically empower youths and children.

Turner .D. Andrew is serial entrepreneur, freelance writer, part-time blogger, a life/self development coach and also a motivational speaker.He helps people discover their true potentials, capability and help in showing them that their life could be more meaningful.


Chinedu Ngwu of Chinedu.net


I started working online by September 2014. Before then, I already had a rudimentary knowledge of web design, graphics design and photo editing using Photoshop. I knew what blogging was all about but hadn’t created a blog yet.

So my first job online was an album art design for an upcoming artiste whom I met on Facebook. I got that job about two weeks after I concluded my Photoshop tutorial with one of my mentors. I made just #3000 from that job; but #3000 seems like a big sum to me then.


Larry Frank persuaded me into moving to blogging full time. When I ventured into blogging, I chose the entertainment niche because it seems to be the trendy niche which generates quick income with little stress.

I concentrated on entertainment news and hip hop music. While running my newly designed blog, within one week of managing that blog; I had a music promotion offer worth #5000. Again I was very happy; I added the artist music on my site.

However, I was sure his music wasn’t getting any exposure since my site isn’t getting much traffic.


One thing I noticed back then is that every blogger I met was talking about Google AdSense. Once I introduce myself to a fellow blogger online, the next question I get is ”Do You Have AdSense”? It was as if AdSense was the trademark of every blogger.

My friend Larry Frank was also talking about AdSense. To join the league of successful bloggers, I vowed to be approved by Adsense as well.


I verified from Larry and some other bloggers that AdSense never or rarely approves Nigerian entertainment sites. Having understood that, I decided to do something different.

To stand out, I created a blog on job interview tips as my research proved that most Nigerian bloggers aren’t doing anything on job hunt tips.

In a bid to add more spice to my work, I started featuring fellow bloggers on my blog to share their blogging experience so as to educate and inspire newbie bloggers. That strategy worked perfectly; my new blog was now attracting some amount of traffic and comments as well.


While all these were going on, I had just Larry Frank as my teacher, though he was still struggling with blogging then, I was happy learning from him in spite of the fact that he wasn’t making money. I just believed that we were going to succeed.


The best thing that has ever happened to me throughout my blogging career is my joining ”Bloggers Coven” a WhatsApp group created by Olili Bob. I had always felt inferior while interacting with other bloggers but after Larry had brought me to the Bloggers Coven, everything changed.

I never believed bloggers like Olili Bob,  Nosa Ero Nosa, and Chinonso Anyikwa  could be very friendly. I learnt a great deal from interacting with the few wonderful bloggers in that group, and I am still learning! 🙂


I always advise my newbie friends to get a mentor. Lots of people will deceive you online just to get money from your pocket, but when you are with the right people, you see yourself improving drastically.

Even though you can’t find a mentor to tutor you personally, you can take some successfully sincere bloggers as a role model, follow their way of blogging and learn from their experiences.


By November 2014, I got approved on Google AdSense with my Job Interview Tips blog. Then I felt like a real blogger.

Getting approved on Google Adsense is just one side of the coin, earning money with it is the biggest problem for a newbie. I never withdrew a dime from my AdSense account until May 2015. My first earning from Adsense was $256.


In a nutshell, it took me about two weeks to earn my first money online, that money was #3000 only, and I made that from graphics design; Music album art design to be precise.

Chinedu Ngwu is a blogger  and web designer at Chinedu.net


Okon Joseph of OkonJoseph.com

okon Jospeh

I sat in the middle of the full auditorium feeling a little confused that after everything, it will all end like this. I looked to my left and to my right, and I saw hundred of others like me but one thing they all had in common was a smile on their face.

It was my last day of my final exam as a National Diploma student (can’t really remember the exact date, but it was in September 2014).

My search for online money started after I graduated from my National Diploma where I studied Mineral Resources Engineering Technology, Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State. I have always wanted to become an online entrepreneur right from school.

After three months of not searching and not getting where to do my Industrial Training or even get a job, I went into information marketing business. It only lasted for 2 months. Did I make millions? I made N3000.

It did not pain me much because I got back my money I spent on hosting the blog. I went in search for another business thinking that the business of information marketing had died.

I kept the blog running still looking for any information people will be willing to pay for. But, I did not get any.

I did so many other online businesses like bulk SMS business, online coaching etc. It was not until March 2016 that I could start boosting that I am an online entrepreneur (a freelance writer) because I made 5 figure for the first time in my life.

I talk too much joor, I made N15,000 cash. While in April, N22,000 and since then, I make nothing less than N50,000 monthly as a freelance writer.

Okon Joseph is a professional freelance writer and business coach at OkonJoseph.com


Nosagie Nosa-Ero of TechRez

Nosagie Nosa-EroI would go straight to the point; it actually took me three years to earn my first money online and it was 157 Euros via Google Adsense.








Nosagie Nosa-Ero is the Senior Editor at TechRez


Mazino Oyolo Kigho of MazinoWeb




I made my first money online after 6 months of blogging. I wrote an advertising proposal to a company.

I told them I will do free advert for them for 15days and they will pay for 30days. They agreed. The amount was just N3000




Mazino Oyolo Kigho is an experienced blogger at MazinoWeb


Philip Omale Samuel of Techkibay

philip samuel

Talking about making money online, my journey started in the name of making friends; bring them together and have fun.


It all started in the year 2010, when my eldest brother gave my one of his Facebook accounts.

The concept on Facebook so move me that I got the urge to register on any website I come across.

One day, I saw a sponsored link on Facebook, I following the link and on getting to the page, it was tagged “create your website now”.

Out of the joy I derived from being registered on Facebook, I quickly registered. After filling out the registration form, I got a message showing me “my website”.

At first I wasn’t sure, but when I typed the url in the address bar, it opened. That was the day I started making research related to coding and design.


Within a time frame of 4 years, I finally got my hands on html coding and made come cool designs on different platforms and subdomains like Wapka and Xtgem. Along the line, I met a guy on Facebook who does coding as well and often update status relating to until money. Also, a friend of mine made claims of making money from referral links which out of ignorance, I believed even without seeing any proof of payment.


Like it is written, “there is time and season for everything”. In the year 2015, I meet Google Blogger.


After taking a job at a cyber cafe, I got introduced to blogging by a friend/mentor. My love for technology and innovation gave birth to techkibay, a technology blog. I kept running the blog until I decided to make it official by getting a custom domain (www.techkibay.com).


At that time, Google AdSense was the talk of the time, so I wasted no time and applied after having compiled some quality posts. I got rejected a couple of times and God knows it “it felt like a break up”. After about 2 months, I finally got an approved application, but still yet I haven’t made any cash from my blog.


This faithful day, I was doing my usual routine online, then I decided to check my mail; low and behold it was a message from a JIJI scout, requesting a sponsored post. Being the first time someone offers to pay for my write up, I did no further bargaining and closed the deal with a sum of 7,000 naira. That was the very first time I earned from the net.

Philip Omale Samuel is a student blogger at Techkibay

Prince Odafe Abiodun of Odafeblog

fb princeIt took me 3 years to make my first money Online, most people will Laugh, its due to the following Reasons; My Blog was created @2010.

I just finished my O’level then. Though i was fully into Wapka*mobi so i didnt really use the Blog.

As at 2012 i started blogging because i wanted to Share my knowledge as a Computer Engr in order to help others. To cut the story short, I made my First Money Online @ 2015.

I made $200 via  Adsense @2015 that. I also was into Selling of Ebooks as @2013 till date.


Prince Odafe Abiodun is a tech blogger at Odafeblog

John Ode of Ehroo

john ode


As regard how long it took me to make money online, it took me almost 2yrs to make money online and it was definitely not through blogging but graphics.

Though I started blogging before I took to Graphic designing ,the said amount was N1,000 and I was happy as at then.

Now my blog is my portfolio, my blog’s contact form is now my virtual assistant for referring clients.



John Ode is a Graphic Designer at Ehroo

Laide Emmanuel of Naija Wealth Tutor

laide matthew

My Journey into online business started back in the year 2009 when I just finished my high school education, and then I used to read a weekly business publication by Success Digest which discusses majorly about online business.

I couldn’t start any, all because my parent was against it due to the fact that is going to affect my studies somehow but I was reading stuffs about it as I found it interesting.

The year 2014 was the year I started laying my hands on doing business online as blogger, creating information products and others.

My first income online came after five months when I started, a sum of five thousand naira as a charge from a reader of mine who came across one of my blogs and was also willing to be a blogger.

Doing Business online has been wonderful as I get to learn, act and build myself up.

Laide Emmanuel is the founder of NaijaWealthTutor

Anthony Chinedum of Dietherapy247

Anthony Chinedum

My journey to making my first money online didn’t come easy as all of it started when I paid a friend I met online a visit in Port Harcourt from Owerri where I reside.

I went there to acquire a skill (graphic designing), cartooning to be precise. Something I did just for fun, little did I know it is going to fetch me some cool cash.

After the visit followed series of practice to perfect my art.

A month later, serious marketing on Facebook followed of which I got my first pay from A Nigerian in Italy.

she paid me $5 as of then (September 2015). Not a big deal any way.

My first client  brought three more jobs to my table at the same rating amounting to $15. This was a huge relief to me as at this point I had made up to the amount I paid to learn the skill.

Two months of client drought struck real hard. I mean I stayed up to two months without getting any client. So I thought of selling my own product, a video tutorial which I called “graphic design made easy”.

I created a sales page on my blog www.dietherapy247.com, which within 7hrs of posting it on Facebook groups had up to 1067 views.

This brought 4 buyers of which one had already paid the sum of  N4,500 and other pending payments.

Anthony Chinedum is a Graphic Designer and a Health Blogger at Dietherapy

David Akinwale of MyTechng


I am not into blogging for money actually. My believe is that when you set the right priority online through your website, money will come your way through sponsored post.

I have passion for computer stuff, anything internet. I started during the wapka.mobi days. I worked as an admin at a wapka site for 3 years without earning a dime.

The first time I earned online was when I sold my wapka site back then in the year 2014 for just #3000 only Lolz…

That same year I created a blogger site based on technology updates because I love tech so much. My blog site is just an avenue to share tech  news etc all around the world of technology.

Apart from that I have been earning money through adsense marketing lolz funny anyway… (bloggers will understand that statement)and blog designing.

By God’s grace am still aiming high not for money but to impact lives through technology.

David Akinwale is a blogger at MyTechNg

Final thought…

There you have it Mavericks.

I hope you are inspired by the stories of these smart entrepreneurs who came, saw and conquered the internet.

Like you’ve read above, some of them made their first money online after 2-3 years and others made it after 2-3 months.

Truth is, there is no perfect time range to start making money online and there is no perfect way to make money online.

You just have to look for what works for you and stick to it. Stop running from pillar to post all in the name of making money. If your blog is not making enough money to support you, go get a job (online job) while you work on your blog by the side.

Yes I did that.

I had three jobs while I was still working on my blog. It was really crazy because I was not fully concentrated on my online business.

When I started making enough money to support my my little bills (I call it “little” because I still live with my mum and she practically does everything for me especially food and shelter) I quit my job about two months ago.

The joy of waking up to do what I love is invaluable.

So, if your not maaking money online yet, don’t kill yourself.

Stop running around in frustration like a hen on heat. It could be that you’re running after the wrong thing or the time is not right.

Keep doing your thing. One day, your hustle will pay.

I guess you have your own story to share about your first money online. I’ll like to read it.

Share your story in the comment box below.

Also share this post with your friends online to inspire them to keep working harder and smarter on their online business.

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  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with others, am honored.

    I am inspired reading how other online entrepreneurs earned their first income.

      1. Lol…Oscar maybe we have one thing in common. My first money online was #1000 too.

        Hehehe….thanks bro for stopping by.

        You rock like Aso Rock

  2. Wow.. This is great I would have loved to be included, though. i.e. share my success story too, maybe it’s late now!

    You are doing a great Job here Excel.

  3. Thank you for give me the Oppourtunity to share my experience to the people. I really appreciate. Thanks Excel

  4. Nice work Promise. I am really pleased to be among the great bloggers here. Keep up the work. You have bright days ahead in the world of blogging.

    Nice one. Once again SABTrends’ team appreciate the featuring on this platform..

  5. Hmmmm, thanks for this opportunity. A young Blogger like me can now learn something that motivates me in seconds.
    Thanks for the post. Well done. Keep Moving forward. God Bless You!.
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  6. Okay, I’m seriously overwhelmed…

    These are juicy replies you’ve got here. One can learn a ton from these guys. I’m so familiar with most of the people on this list and honored to be featured among them.

    Hope this post will help new entrepreneurs get the fact that online marketing is easy but can be complicated at times when the right tactics are not being applied. Finally.. Thank you so much.

    Sharing this.

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  7. A very nice piece. Indeed the stories are much. Some made it within months and some within years. The important thing is that your hardwork will continue to pay off.

    I wish every aspiring entrepreneurs success.

    You know what? Most times I believe that entrepreneurs have the samething in common. E.g, when you come to a remote area and there is no supermarket there, an ordinary minded person complains, but an entrepreneur sees that as an opportunity to rack in profits. The ball is all in our court to play.

    Shine your eyes!

  8. Awesome!!
    I stumbled on your page a couple of months ago.. Not sure how I got here then though. Right now, this amazing topic lured me here again. I think you finally won a follower.

    Happy to have trusted Nigerians doing things right online. Looking forward to making your list someday too
    Great work Excel

    1. Thanks Oluseye.

      Your finding your way here again could mean that we have something in common… Maybe money….Lol

      Anyways I’m super duper excited to have you in our community of world changers.

      Thanks again for dropping by

  9. I am very happy that I have seen people who made their first online money. Sometimes it seems as if it is impossible to make money online. It was a surprise to me when i made my first online money through an advert. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Definitely we all will not forget the first time we make money online, I made my first money through a guy call Alex from jiji.ng for a sponsor post.

  11. Hey Promise,

    Thanks for having me share my story with your awesome blog community. I love your strategy of having some online entrepreneurs share their experience as it will serve as a means of motivation to some newbies out there struggling to succeed online.

    Keep the good work going, you rock!


  12. Wow Wow Wow

    Alotta amazimg stories here.

    My Thought:

    Ur passion is what will keep u going when the traffic and big bucks haven’t started rolling in.



  13. Hi Promise

    Great list and this sows that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. It is great to learn from the experience of these awesome bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  14. Since 2016 that this post has been published, I’m just reading it today.

    What an awesome roundup!

    WHO would read this, and not be inspired?

    Kudos to the Nigerian online marketers who have struggled hard to make things easy for young entrepreneurs by sharing their stories.

    As much as I appreciate this post, I must also commend your effort, Mr. Promise, for giving these successful entrepreneurs to share their stories.

    God bless.

  15. Lovely interview session here. Honestly, I strongly believe this should be encouraged at all levels and time at least for bloggers to know what’s going on and happening comcormitantly. Well done Mr Excel.

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    Hope to see you bosses right there at the top.
    Can’t wait till I also start sharing testimonies

  17. I must agree. It’s a nice list of professional bloggers and of which I have worked with some on facebook. Before now, I actually thought I was the only Nigerian blogger who didn’t care about Adsense but this collection just informed me that we have bloggers in Nigeria who don’t also care about AdSense.

    Beginning as a blogger was fun for me. Actually, i started as an entertainment blogger, but when I started learning stuff online, I became a DIY and from there I ended my entertainment blog and started a tech blog which creates, reviews and shares BlogSpot tips.

    I have made money (small oo) online and it all came from my hard work and not Adsense. I started offering personal services which included Template design, installation, SEO setup etc. This has made my blogging journey full of milk and honey.
    Prince John Okosun recently posted…How To Upload Songs (MP3 Files) On A Blogger Blog With Download ButtonMy Profile

    1. Hi Prince, glad you enjoyed the article.There’s nothing wrong with monetizing your blog with Adsense. It becomes bad when people lose focus of why they are blogging and focus all their attention in Adsense.

      I visited your blog and it’s really hard to believe that it is a blogspot blog. The design is super cool. Well done

  18. I really enjoyed reading this post, though it was kinda lengthy. I believe many newbie bloggers can see this, I see why it has many reference from various blogs. Because many think its a get-rich-quick kind of thing. Blogging is about hard work and perseverance. And testing the waters till you find what works for you.

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