Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

Living a Life of Excellence, Impact and Influence

  • How to become a person of influence and impact
  • How to tell a captivating story
  • How to touch people's heart and evoke positive emotions
  • How To make a bold statement in your industry that gets you noticed
  • How To connect with like-minded people and make meaningful connections
  • How to take responsibility for your life and make the most of it
In today’s competitive world, you can’t afford to be a sweet little something nobody knows.
Your playing small is of no use to humanity.
You can’t afford to walk through this world unnoticed, unknown and forgotten.
Ever wondered why some people talk about certain people long after they have died?
It’s really simple…
You’re either phenomenal or invisible.
The widening gap between great and average people means dealing with one big, uncomfortable truth: If you’re not phenomenal, you’re a black dot on a black wall.
Whether your dream is quitting the rat race, being a person of high value, adding positive impacts on people’s lives or becoming a person of positive influence in the society, this book is for you.
In this eye-opening, mind-boggling and life-altering masterpiece sprinkled with inspiring personal stories, the author shows the reader that being good enough is good enough.
You have to be exceptionally excellent in whatever you’re doing if you want to live a life of excellence, impact and influence.
The principles shared in this book are what changed my life and I hope they change yours too.
“In an age when many young people are confused about life and the choices they have to make in advancing their lives, Promise the Maverick offers a path to as many that will heed his call. Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten should be in the phone library of every young Nigerian. Don’t breathe through life, make the most of each passing day” – Maple Dappa, Brand Strategy Consultants, Mapemond Resources.
If this book does not transform your life after reading it, send me an email and I’ll refund your money and give you an all-expense-paid trip ticket to Wakanda 😉

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What experts are saying...

"Be Phenomenal or be Forgotten should be in the phone library of every young Nigerian. Don't breathe through life, make the most of each passing day"
Maple Dappa
Brand Strategy Consultant, Mapemond Resources
"Apart from his inspiring Grass to Grandeur story, Promise Excel shares Power Principles for Experiencing Extraordinary Transformation. Do yourself a favor and Read it. Implement it, and get extra copies for the people you love... It's that Important!”
Zubi O' Peter
Chief Executive, Authority Growth Co
"I believe this book will be a great tool for anyone who seeks to find direction and unearth that phenomenal side of themselves. Truly it's a bargain between being phenomenal or embracing oblivion."
Jonathan Damilola
Creative writer and thought leader

Who's this book for...

  • Those who want to be, do and have more out of life.
  • People who desperately want to change the world.
  • People who want to leave indelible footprints on the sand of time.
  • People who want to live a life of excellence, impact and influence.
  • Those who hate mediocrity and all form of smallness.
  • People who want their names to be mentioned alongside great men
  • People who want to transform their lives and the world at large
  • People who want to impact the lives of others with thier story

What experts are saying...

"Many may not realize this until they read a piece that rings a bell. As long as you want to be phenomenal, digest this book."
Eno Sam
creative writer and author
"This book isn't just another book to add to your library, Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten is a choice you need to make to yourself every single day. ”
Oluwatobi Adesanya
Founder, Heart2World Publishing and a serial author
"The book be phenomenal or be forgotten is a much needed clarion call, packed with practical and usable knowledge. This will be a relevant contribution to your greatness and that of those you love.."
Joshua Triumphant
Founder, Joshua Triumphant Company

About the Author

Promise Excel

Promise Excel

Promise Excel is a creative writer, a hypnotic storyteller, an author of several books, a media entrepreneur and the founder of, a digital media brand where young entrepreneurs and business owners can find information, advice, tips, resources and tools for starting, running and growing successful businesses.

He helps individuals and businesses to develop digital media strategies to increase their visibility, influence and income online.