How to Easily Create Cool Photo Content for Your Blog

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Any photo that you use in your blog post should first be edited with a photo editor. Editing the photo is a necessary step as it probably has some flaws.

For most people, they only need a basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor to edit their blog post’s images. Advanced software like Photoshop is used mainly for graphic designing.

Movavi Photo Editor includes the following photo editing tools to help you in creating professional photo for posting on your blog.

  1. Making Color Adjust to Your Photo

The first tab that you see on the interface of the photo editor is the Adjust tab. The Adjust tab is where you will find the color adjustment tool for fixing photos with off color balance.

The color adjustment sliders are designed for people who are familiar in tweaking the color balance manually.

If you have never use a color adjustment slider before, chances are you are going to make a mess of your photo by moving the sliders.

In this case, it is better than you let the magic enhance tool do the color adjustment for you. With the magic enhance tool, you will see at least a bit of improvement in the photo.


The full range of color adjustment sliders are included in the Adjust tab. Adjusting the temperature slider will add orange color to increase the warmth of the image and it can also add blue color to make the image feel cooler.

The tint slider corrects the color balance of the image by adding red or green tone. If your photo is taken in a room without sufficient light, it is likely to look dark and a lot of details cannot be seen.

You can adjust the brightness or exposure slider to make a dark photo look brighter so that it can reveal more details.

The sharpness slider can remove some fuzziness from your photo so that it looks sharper and clearer.


  1. Resizing the Photo

The photo that is originally taken with your digital camera has a large dimension that can reach up to two or three thousands pixels in the width and height.

Reducing the size of the photo is necessary so that it will load fast on your blog. Movavi Photo Editor is able to read large size photo up to 8000 x 6000 pixels.

After loading your photo into the work area, you can go to the Resize tab to resize the picture. To resize the picture, you can enter a custom width/height or percentage.

You can also choose one of the ready preset from the fit into drop down menu to resize the photo.

After entering the width/height, you must click on the apply button and the photo will instantly be reduced to the size you just entered.


  1. Removing Unwanted Elements from your Photo

If your photo has some objects or people that you don’t want to feature, you can delete them first with the object removal tool instead of just publishing the original unedited version.

The object removal tool can be used when you can’t remove the unwanted items with the crop tool. You can access the object removal tool in the object removal tab.

The object removal tool can delete any items that are marked with the red brush in a few seconds.

Anything that you want disappear from the photo should be marked with the red brush tool.

After you have finished marking the items, you can press the Start Erasing button and they will all disappear in a few minutes.



In conclusion, Movavi Photo Editor offers all the key tools for editing a photo without the extra features that are found in an advanced photo editor. It allows you to manipulate and enhance your photo to suit the needs of your business. With Movavi Photo Editor, you will be able to fix your photos quickly without requiring a professional level photo editing skills.

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