Top 25 Outstanding Podcasts in Nigeria You Must Listen To


Podcasting has over the years become the next disruptive force in the internet and it seems Nigerians are not left behind. Just like Blogging came into Nigeria and change the way people share contents online, same way podcasting is slowly gaining grounds in Nigeria and it seems the trend is not stopping anytime soon. More and more Nigerians are starting their own podcast show.

I know a lot of you will be wondering what a podcast is. Ok,I will explain everything you need to know about podcast.

What is a podcast?

A “podcast” is sort of difficult to explain because there really isn’t anything else like it — but rather, many things that are kind of like it. A lot of people have diverse definition of what a podcast is but I will try to give the best and easy to undertand definition.

A podcast is an audio show, usually spread across a series of episodes, which can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to either on a computer or an Mp3 player (smartphone or iPod). The term, which was coined in 2004, is portmanteau of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’.

You subscribe to podcasts much like you subscribe to blogs. In fact often podcasts are distributed through a blog and provided your feed reading software handles podcasts you should be able to either instruct your reader to download new podcasts whenever they become available or manually choose which podcasts you want to download by clicking a link to the audio file. These files can then be listened to on your computer or you can transfer them to your portable player to listen to later.

Some podcast feed reading software such as iTunes are configured to download and transfer the podcast directly to your portable player automatically so you can plug it in and walk away a few minutes later with your latest podcasts downloaded and ready to digest.

What sets podcasts apart is that they can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player without you lifting a finger. You can wake up each morning with new shows on your MP3 player ready to listen on your way to work.

This ease and convenience of this automatic delivery is powerful. This is what sets podcasting apart and made it so popular.

Think of a podcast as “Internet Radio On-Demand.”

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can make and freely distribute podcasts, making it a bracingly democratic and vibrant medium.

You can consume a podcast whenever you want, and almost wherever you want. And — this is a big one — you can consume podcasts while you’re doing something else.

You can listen to podcast while you’re doing the following

  • Walking
  • Driving a car
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning house
  • Walking through a grocery store
  • Trying to fall asleep

There’s no other media that is as portable as a podcast, or as easy to consume while otherwise occupied. Try doing any of the above activities while reading a blog post or watching a video.

Imagine getting new “radio”-style talk and music shows to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 players every day. You wake up and automatically have new shows ready to listen to while you exercise or commute to work. This is the podcast listening experience.

Not only that, but anyone can create his or her own “radio”-style show and broadcast it to the world in very little time and at very little cost. All you need is a computer, a mic and the internet…..viola…you’re a podcadSTAR.

Are People listening to podcast?


The 5 Most Significant 2016 Podcast Statistics according to Edison Research


  • 21% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month. That is up from 17% in 2015. Monthly podcast listenership has increased 75% since 2013. 
  • The podcast audience is 57 million Americans in total. And while Twitter has more members than that (many more, actually) the research shows their active user base is on-par with the overall podcast audience.
  • 64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet. 
  • Weekly podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average.
  • One in four Americans ages 12-54 listened to a podcast last month. 

Well, there’s no reliable record of the number of people who listen to podcasts in Nigeria but lemme assume that at least 1 in 5 Nigerians listen to a podcast daily (sometimes without knowing that it is a podcast they are listening to.)

I wanted to be sure that everyone reading this post understands what a podcast is before going into the list of podcasts in Nigeria.

This is my Top 20 Outstanding Podcast in Nigeria You Must Listen to, in no particular order.


Podcast Name: Audacity2Lead Podcast

Founder: Dayo Samuel

Description: Dayo Samuel is said to be the father of podcasting in Nigeria. The first time I was searching for list of podcasts in Nigeria, he was the only outstanding podcasting you could find around a year ago. However, through his podcast comuunity, Nigeria Podcast Network, he has been able to raise other great podcasters in Nigeria.

His name comes to mind anywhere podcasting is mentioned in Nigeria. His podcast is outstanding in every sense. I like it for the originality, powerful messages and the Nigerian-ness. The Audacity2Lead podcast is the only podcast dedicated to helping you get focused, get started and be impactful.

If you are a leader, and seeking new ways to build your authority, and multiply your influence while doing what you are called to do, then this is the podcast for you.

Each episode provides inspiration, tips, steps, and strategies to help you develop a compelling message, a marketable product or program, and build your meaningful platform.

Favourite podcast episodeHow To Build A Business & Community Around Your Life Message (with Victor Ekpo Bassey)


Podcast Name: The Fruitfulujah Podcast

Founder: Sefa Tsegha

Description: Firstly, I like this podcast for the name. It sounds so fruity and inviting…lol..

Sefa Tsegha – Is the founder of The Fruitfulujah Podcast a subsidiary of The Fruitfulujah Projects.

It was founded in 2013, to help small and medium size businesses leverage the power of the Internet to create wealth.

Since the project began, it has built many projects (blogs, websites, software, memberships, learning platforms, e-commerce sites) for SME’s in Nigeria.  Also conducted WordPress training workshops offline, and through its website.

Go subscribe to Fruitfulujah Podcast if you want to learn about technology, internet and business their simplest terms.

Favourite Episode: How to Launch a Successful Podcast – Dayo Samuel


Podcast name: Eat Fit Podcast

Founder: Tolu Francis

Description: Toluse Francis is a Health Coach and author  who He is interested in seeing people eat healthy and get productive. He believes a healthy lifestyle is paramount for everyone. Through his podcast, he helps people live a better, happy and productive and life. I’ve listened to a couple of his podcast and I must say that it is full of useful information and tips to improve your health and become more productive.

Favourite episode: 6 BEDTIME FOODS


Podcast Name: Loose Talk Podcast

Founder: Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo.

Description: Loose Talk Podcast is a popular podcast show hosted by three journalists, Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo. Loose Talk delves into trending topics happening all around the world discussing Media, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Sex, Sports, Politics, Tech, Religion, Movies and TV, Radio, Music and much more. According to, it is said to be one of the most listened podcasts in Nigeria.



Podcast Name: NGO Podcast

Founder: Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun

Description: #NGOpodcast is a platform under NGOMEDIA HOUSE GLOBAL LTD. The #NGOpodcast is serving as an intermediary between non-governmental organizations and the world by getting their voice from their immediate environment to the ear of people around the world. Their goal is to bring the non-governmental organizations to limelight. They planned to achieve this by having an interview session with either the founder or team lead or representative of different NGOs around the world on each episode



Podcast Name: Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode

Founder: Segun Akiode

Description: Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode is a podcast about wise career counsel for the career people. The central theme of the podcast is – “Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.”

Favourite episode: #Podcast – Please Take Action Today!


Podcast Name: Lead Your Life Podcast

Founder: Abraham Ologundudu

Description: #LeadYourLife show is a platform to help passionate individuals like you who want to make a positive difference with your ideas, message, or story to get the clarity, boldness, strategy and tools needed to empower you execute intentionally. By applying practical and simple principles, you will gain insight into actionable tips, steps and strategies to help you Lead your life intentionally. If you’ve read any blog posts on Abraham’s blog then you’d expect nothing but the best from his podcast.

Favourite episode: LYLEP3 – How to Get Started on Your Ideas With Little Resources [Podcast]


Podcast name: The Limit Breaker Show

Founder: Fumnanya Bernard

Description: The Limit Breaker Show is a rapidly growing podcast in Nigeria which is hosted by Fumnanya Bernard. I recommend her podcast show to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Favourite episode: TLB 17: How To Quit Your Job in 12 Months by Asking Yourself the Right Questions


Podcast Name: Seasoned Apologist with Korede Olawoyin

Founder: Korede Olawoyin

Description: Seasoned Apologist with Korede Olawoyin is a weekly podcast dealing with issue around Apologetics, interviews, book reviews, etc.

Favourite episode: Episode 2: An Interview with bro. Isa Bamulangayesu


Podcast name: My Africa Podcast by Pulse

Founder: Formerly Andre Blaze Henshaw, now owned by Pulse Nigeria (

Description: Pulse Nigeria, the online media division of Ringier Nigeria, acquired the My Africa brand and assets three months ago from its founder, Andre Blaze Henshaw. My Africa podcast is one of Africa’s largest podcasts. My Africa Podcast interviews leading Africans, letting you hear directly from politicians, artists, musicians, business leaders and many others. My Africa delivers exclusive and quality content right to any of your devices, letting you hear the incredible stories behind these famous names.

Favourite Episode: Steve Babaeko [Episode 20]


Podcast name: The Unique Life and Marriage Podcast

Founder: Enwongo Ettang

Description: Enwongo Ettang is the host of the podcast titled THE UNIQUE LIFE & MARRIAGE PODCAST with the aim to help married find purpose and direction for their marriages, lead their families with confidence and improve the communication and understanding in their homes.

Favourite episode: Episode 002 – 7 Principles for a Godly Marriage


Podcast name: The Afropreneur Podcast

Founder: Uwem Uwemakpan

Description: The Afropreneur Podcast profiles Entrepreneurs doing business in Africa, despite the obstacles and challenges they face; Celebrating their achievements and picking lessons from their experiences.



Podcast name: Swyich Podcast

Founder: Samuel Adeoye (co-founder,

Description: Swiych is not just another entrepreneurship podcast. They go beyond the known and delve into helping you find the unknown. For now, they focus on Nigerian entrepreneurs. They connect established entrepreneurs with aspiring ones through podcast.

They inspire you to think the entrepreneurial way, by bringing to you entrepreneurs (mostly Nigerian entrepreneurs), business owners and researchers who have seen beyond the limitations of the Nigerian’s startup industry. I have been personally learning a lot from Samuel with regards to podcasting. He knows a lot about podcasting and it’s willing to share his wealth of knowledge with others about podcasting.

Favourite episode: S009: How to Build a Successful Social Venture – with Seun Onigbinde


Podcast name:  Submarine And A Roach

Founder: TMTisClutch and Kojo

Description: Submarine and a Roach is hosted by TMTisClutch and Kojo, it is the perfect mix between the woke bro-dude frat boy and Kojo. The episodes run the gamut from talking about high school shenanigans, sex addicts and everything in between in a stream of consciousness narrative delivery. It does get somewhat annoying at times but generally, the episodes tend to fly by.

Favourite episode: Episode 12: “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”


Podcast name: We Just Got Back

Founder: Tam, Boj and King Cam

Description: Three Nigerian girls share their stories about the joys (and many sorrows) of returning to Nigeria. We talk about the ups and downs of being back, how we’re coping (or not) and the ridiculous things we find ourselves getting up to.

Of the podcasts on this list, We Just Got Back is the most no-holds barred, and sounds a whole lot like the popular podcast show The Read.

Favourite episode: You’re Not Really Married if You Didn’t Serve Small Chops


Podcast Name: Not Your African Cliche’

Founder: Ifeyinwa (Ify), Onyeka (Yeka O) and Ifeoluwa (Ife)

Description: We are four Nigerian women with interesting opinions and a mutual disgust for ignorant comments about our continent. Yes, the CONTINENT of Africa. No, not the country! As a result, we have decided to create a platform where we can tell you more about us rather than letting disney channel and Nat Geo Wild do it for us.

Favourite episode: NYAC S1 Episode 14: Na Craze Dey Worry Am – A Case for Mental Health Advocacy


Podcast name: Charity Connect Podcast

Founder: Sola Matthew

Description: Charity Connect Podcast is a Podcast that connects Donors and Donees, NGOs and Volunteers and publicizes charity works and events

Favourite episode: Episode 6: “It can shatter one’s dreams” a Sickle Cell Disease Survivor Says (Part 1)


Podcast name: Erupt Podcast

Founder: Akinjobi Sodiq

Description: Erupt podcast is hosted by Akinjobi. It is a podcast that teaches individuals and businesses to share their message online.

Favourite episode: Ep 2 – 5 key steps to developing your online brand strategy


Podcast name: The top 12 Countdown With Cobhams Asuquo

Founder: Cobhams Asuquo

Description: The digital radio show counts down the hottest African/Nigerian songs that Cobhams thinks the Nigerian audience should be listening to.

The show aims to be interactive with quizzes, skits and give-aways, and Cobhams has already given away his first prize on the pilot episode which was a 48 inch flat screen TV.

Cobhams is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer. Among the songs to his credit include but not limited to Timi Dakolo‘s ‘Wish me well,‘  ‘Do the right thing‘ featuring Bez,Ordinary people amongst many others.

Favourite episode: Boosit – Cobhams Asuquo FT. Falz


Podcast Name: Behind Radio

Founder: Fisayo Dayo-Samuel

Description: Behind Radio tells the untold stories of OAPs, broadcasters, managers, celebs, hosts, DJs, programming, and all that are behind the favorite radios we listen to.

Favourite Episode: The Untold Story of How Victa Pepple Became An Award-Winning OAP in Less Than A Year


Podcast Name: The Exousia Life Podcast

Founder: Joy Olaiya

Description: The Exousia Life Podcast is the show that encourages and equips you to live, love and lead your life with authority, so you can fulfill your God given assignment in life effortlessly.

Favourite episode: Welcome to Episode 28 -{Leading From The Inside Part 2} on The Exousia Life Podcast.


Podcast Name: The Coach Speaks – Inspiring Africa, one Story at a time

Founder: Mercy Frank

Description: The Coach Speaks is a Podcast is a storytelling platform that seeks to use the experience of successful professionals to reduce the struggling tendencies of the younger generation.

Favourite Episode: The Coach Speaks -Episode 9 Building Your Business Alongside Your 9-5


Podcast Name: #iMentor with Harkheindzel

Founder: Harkheindzel Kenny Omiyale

Description: #iMentor bridges timeless wisdom with life principles in a balanced doze for full life development and empowerment. To set your goals, get knowledge. To achieve them, get wisdom.

Favourite episode: Communication Hacks: Psychology, Persuasion And Hypnosis


Podcast Name: Come to the well

Founder: Chisom Sam Orji

Description:  Inspiration for personal transformation- empowering people to discover themselves, maximize their lives and achieve their greatness.

Favourite episode: Vision, Diligence and the future CHISOM SAM ORJI


Podcast Name: #AskSilas PODCAST

Founder: Silas Ozoya

Description: #AskSilas PODCAST is a weekly Q & A show where I answer questions concerning content creation, startups, entrepreneurship, business development and life to help entrepreneurs network, develop and generate funds.

Favourite Episode: Business Community Mastery: Not Just A WhatsApp Group w/Paul Confidence & Promise Excel)

P.S: Post last updated 20th October, 2017

There you have it guys.

We want to encourage the podcasters in Nigeria mentioned above to keep sharing the Nigerian story in their own unique voices. Let your podcast bring encouragement, hope, laughter, peace, inspiration and knowledge to anyone who listens to it.

One thing I noticed is that most podcasters in Nigeria, do not have a compelling “about us” page. Please work on that.

Is there any other outstanding podcast you know in Nigeria that is not here?

I wish to update the list to 30-50 podcasts in Nigeria.

So, if your podcast is not in the list, help me do the following.

This what I want you to do

Send an email to [email protected] with the details below

  • Your Podcast Name
  • Founder
  • what your podcast is about
  • A link to your podcast show.

Which is your favourite podcast? Tell me in the comment box below.

Want to learn more about podcasting? Join Nigerian Podcast Network founded by Dayo Samuel.

Recommended Episodes from my podcast: The Maverick Excel Show


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  1. Hey Maverick Excel,

    Thanks for including Audacity2Lead on this list. Feels humbling to know what started as a vision to have more dominant independent podcasts in Nigeria a while back is gradually taking a life of its own.

    And to more podcasts that will emerge between now and June 2017 from Nigeria, this quest commit I Dayo Samuel 🙂

    Great list. Love it!

  2. Mubarak M Aminu

    One things like about podcast is the way It’s allow us to listen to it on the go, Excel you did not mention digital drift podcast.
    This podcast focus and talks about happening in Nigeria Technology ecosystem

  3. Thanks for the mention Excel. I am glad to be noticed and honored to be listed.
    I will keep doing my best.
    The newest episode is

  4. Wow. ?

    Thanks Promise for this kind gesture to add my podcast “Career and Employability Talk” to your top 20 Nigerian Podcasts.

    It is a great honour and an encouragement to keep the podcast episode fire burning.

    Thank you once again ?

  5. Fumnanya Bernard

    Hi Promise,
    Thanks for the mention…
    Feels humbling to be among all these great people.

    Oh and by the way, great work you are doing here with your blog.

  6. Beautifully scribbled article, but you did not mention De’Head’sUp Podcast. It a newly launched general lifedtyle podcast based in Uyo.

    Three friend’s coming together to comments and share their opinion on matter’s that has to do with entertainment, happenings around the world, music, news, etc.

    Check us on With a search on Sound cloud and as De’Head’sUp podcast, you can find more info about us.

    I have to commend your effort to puttting up this great article and bringing on other podcast i never heard anything about. Your work is highly informative.

    1. Thanks Uwem for letting me know about D’Heads’ Up Podcast. You guys are doing a great job over there. I hope to update this list in the future and I’ll add your podcast. Thanks. I guess many people who read this post will see your comment and also check out your podcast

  7. thank you for the mention amongst these great individuals and the spring show team feel honoured. cheers to a greater 2017 for us all.

  8. Hi Promise. I must commend you on this. And thank you for the mention, it is such a great privilege to be among great people such as Dayo Samuel of #Audacity2lead , Sefa Tsegha of Fruitfulujah Podcast, Samuel Adeoye of Podlobe, Fumnaya Bernard of The Limit Breaker Show, Akiode Oluwasegun of Career & Employability Talk, Toluse Francis of Eat Fit and others, I’m overwhelmed.
    On behalf of the team at NGOpodcast, we say “THANK YOU SO MUCH”

    PS: We have the updated version of “About NGOpodcast” on the website, We’ll appreciate if you’ll update it here as well.

    Cheers to greater height and more impact! ??????


  9. Thank you for highlighting Not Your African Cliche on this list. There are four co-hosts on the show though. Your list missed out Amayo!

  10. Jasmin Adenuga

    There was this new upcoming and coming nigerian/american podcast I listen to called whotoldyou you should check them out!

  11. Mr. Promise,

    PODCAST IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE FUTURE. Well, people, havent realized the dream behind PODCAST. But the sure thing is that you gave the ideal revelation of what will become.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

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