Are You Having Problem Making Payment with Your Nigeria PayPal Account?

I have been using my Nigeria Paypal to make payment online  for a very long time now until recently I started having an issue with it.

When most of my friends were complaining about not being able to make payment online with their Paypal account, I thought the issue was from their Bank or perhaps some issue from Paypal.

When I tried using Paypal to pay for a hosting plan at, I was unable to do it. I tried it on Fiverr, the issue persisted.

Due to the frustration, I didn’t take the time to read the error message but I know there was something like:…..”MasterCard declined…”….Lol….don’t blame me, I was so upset that I didn’t care to read the message.

I started looking for a way to go around it when I needed to make  an order for a friend but was not able to do it.

So, in my search for a solution, I found out that someone ( Caroline Wabara, Founder, Digital Business Insights) who had the same issue had found a way. I quickly asked her how she did. She gave me a link. (Read it here if you want)

Within two minutes or so, I was able to fix my paypal wahala…Lol

I tried making payment with Paypal again….and viola….. the embargo was removed from my life…..I mean Paypal account…Lol

I would have simply given you a link to that post but I decided to make a new post because the process I took is slightly different from what I read.

Log onto your Paypal account and follow the steps below:

Go to and click login



Click the setting icon



Click “Payments”



Click “Manage payments



Click “Set Available Funding Sources“.



Click “Conversion Options” beside the credit card with no currency conversion fee.



Select “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.” and click “Submit


That is  it my good brother. You can now make payment online with your Nigeria Paypal account without any issue.

If after following the steps above and you were not able to fix the problem, kneel down, let me pray for you 🙂

Let us know in the comment box below if it worked.

You can watch this short Youtube video I made here. It is just 2 minutes.


5 thoughts on “Are You Having Problem Making Payment with Your Nigeria PayPal Account?”

  1. Promise,

    Thanks for sharing this tips and informative way out. I and my partner has been finding solutions to this paypal palaver or “your card declined” for awhile now until we stumbled on your website.

    i can wait to share your post because many online marketers looking for this solution.

    Thanks once again.,

  2. Bro, plz, i tried linking my card to pay pal but its saying that my card is not accepted. i dont know why. My card is a Diamond Bank Visa Debit Card.

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