MEP011: How To Build a Profitable Micro-niche Blog with Anthony Okolie of Herbal Gang


Nowadays, it’s very easy to join the bandwagon and swim in the tide of entertainment blogging.

Only very few people take the bold step of blogging on a topic that less saturated and also unpopular.

Anthony Okolie is one of those exceptional bloggers in Nigeria who are not just blogging because it’s the in thing to do, he does it becuase he sees the need.

After moving from the mainstream entertainment blog, to a tech blog to an entrepreneur blog (of blessed memories 😀 ) he finally decided to settle for a herbal blog which he finds fulfilling.

Herbal Gang has been listed as one of the best 75 Herbal Blogs on the web to follow.

That’s one thing about entrepreneurship, you’ll not always get it right when you’re just starting.

But as you keep doing and persisting, you get clearer with your vision.

Like they say, action comes with clarity.

Nobody has it all figured out at the beginning.

You may be wondering what a micro-niche is.

A micro-niche blog is a blog that focuses on a very specific topic in a broad niche.


  1. Fashion (market) > Women Fashion (niche) > Jeans (micro-niche)
  2. Technology (Market) > Phones (Niche) > Android phones (sub-niche) > Infinix phones (micro-niche)

Here’s what Tony and I discussed in the show:

  • Hi journey into blogging
  • His challenges running a micro-niche blog
  • The miconceptions people have about herbs and alternative medicine
  • His plans for Herbal Gang
  • How he generates content consistently for his audience
  • The 3 key element required to run a successful micro-niche blog.

And then he answered a question by one of the Maverick Excel Show listeners:

“Is it advisable for someone that wants to go into blogging full time to have a different website for his/her company?” – Ezeigwe Chioma Juliet

It was a very interesting and educative conversation all through the time.

Ensure you have a pen and paper while listening to this show.

Tony will blow your mind with his thoughts on how to build a profitable micro-niche blog

Show notes:

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2 thoughts on “MEP011: How To Build a Profitable Micro-niche Blog with Anthony Okolie of Herbal Gang”

  1. Hey Promise!

    Great podcast show guys! 🙂

    Micro-niche blogs are very profitable and it is a great way to get a lot of organic traffic from the search engines. This is because ranking for long tail keywords in such micro niches is a lot easier.

    Micro-niche blogging can be a great business for anyone looking ot build a passive income with something they are passionate about. You can build a blog on any topic you want, grow traffic and monetize accordingly.

    Thanks for sharing the value!

    Cheers! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…5 Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Blog!My Profile

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