How To Host A Profitable Webinar And Make N100,000 Using Whatsapp


In this time and age, running a profitable online business has never been easier.

In fact, you don’t necessarily need to own a blog or build an expensive website (although those things are important) to run a profitable online business.

A lot of people use the social media every day without fully utilizing its potential. For some people, it is a place to chat and while away their time.

While for some business minded people, it is an ATM for withdrawing money at will.

Not many people know that they can make money from Whatsapp.


The Whatsapp you use every day to chat with your friends and family is used by others to make serious money online.

If you’re wondering what a webinar is: A webinar is simply a seminar held or hosted over the internet (online).

So, you can hold a webinar on Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+ Hangout and any other social networking site that support group chat.

However, there are software dedicated to webinars like:


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Sometimes ago, my graphic designer was designing the banner for a webinar I was to host. One of his friends looked at the banner and asked, “Please, where is this seminar holding”.


I quickly told him that it was to be held on Whatsapp.

He looked at me in amazement.

“So, you mean people will pay you this amount of money so you could add them to a WhatsApp group and chat with them”

At that point, I laughed really hard.

If only he knew better.

So, in this post, I want to reveal to you the hidden treasures in Whatsapp.

You can use  Whatsapp to run a full online business or use it as an extension of your existing online business.

Things you could do with Whatsapp you probably never knew about:

  • Host webinars
  • Offer one-on-one coaching to clients.
  • Offer group coaching
  • Hold conference
  • Hold consultation session
  • Build personal relationship with clients
  • Make video/voice calls with clients
  • And lots more

3 Things you need to make money from Whatsapp:

  1.  A smartphone
  2. An internet connection
  3. Solution to a pressing need people are willing to pay for (this is the core of the matter. Nobody will pay you for doing nothing)

With these three things, you can host a profitable webinar in the comfort of your home.

One good thing about Whatsapp is that the interface is easy to navigate even if you’re a novice.

In the post which Emeka Nobis wrote which inspired this post, he said:

“I have my own blog and I send emails. However, you’ve got to know that lots of Nigerians don’t really open emails. Abroad, it’s different. Here, we congregate so much more on social media.

That’s not to say that growing a list doesn’t work. It does. I’m just saying you can go fishing where the fishes have already gathered.

Whatsapp is a great platform way to teach. Reason being that 90% (my own statistic anyway) of smartphone owners use Whatsapp.”

If you’re still considering why you should use Whatsapp to build your online business, you should read these statistics:

57 Amazing Whatsapp Statistics (March 2017)

My first ever webinar which had 70 persons in attendance was held in Whatsapp.

I’ve held a couple of webinars using Whatsapp. I’ve attended more than a dozen of webinars on Whatsapp.

Most of the time, I joined these webinars to see how people are utilizing Whatsapp to make money apart from chatting with friends and family.

So, let’s dive in.

Making money from Whatsapp is not different from any other online business. You’ve got to offer value to others for you to get paid.

Nobody will give you their hard earned money for doing nothing.

Here are steps to earning N100,000 hosting webinars on Whatsapp

1. Identify the problem

If you already have a skill, knowledge, expertise or experience you could sell to others, then you don’t need to bother about finding your ideal clients.

One of the easiest way to find the problems people are willing to solve is to look around and within you.

What knowledge, skill, expertise or experience do I have that can benefit people?

Watch out for the questions people are asking like:

  • “How do I…”
  • How can I….”
  • I wish there was a way to…”

Just listen to people’s conversation online, you’d find those people who openly express their challenges.

Another way to find a profitble idea is to look at the questions people ask you frequently or the problem they often ask you to help them with.

If people always ask you, “how do you wear your make-up”, “how do you  assemble your outfit perfectly”, “how can I learn graphic designing”, “how do I learn HTML” and all the how-to question, this may be an opportunity to make money.

2. Brainstorm on a catchy name to call your product or webinar (as the case may be)

After coming up with the problem you wish to solve, the next thing is to brainstorm on a name for your webinar, workshop, class or whatever name you wish to call it.

Make sure that the name of your webinar attracts the attention of your potential clients.

Choose a name that draws people’s attention to buy from you.

Read also:

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3. Create your solution

Fromm the title of the webinar or your product, create your solution in a simple and easy-to-understand steps. It could be in audio, video or PDF (eBook).

In the case where you’re hosting a webinar, you may not need to package your solution in any format. However, it is recommended that you package it in any other formats mentioned above so that you can resell it over and over again.

4. Design a banner

They say packaging is everything. If you want to be taken seriously, hire a graphic designer to design the banners you’d use to promote your webinar or product. Low-quality design will only attract low-quality clients.

5. Create a Whatsapp Group

– Creating a Whatsapp group is quite easy.

Read here: How to Create a Group in WhatsApp

– Get the group link. Here’s how to create WhatsApp group link

  • Shorten and customize the link using

That means instead of having, you’d have a beautiful and easy to remember link like, anybody who clicks on the shorter link will be redirected to the main link which will take them to the Whatsapp group.

Note: Only place the customized link on your banner if it’s a free webinar. But if it is a paid webinar, keep the link to yourself and only give to those who pay to attend.

6. Promote your webinar/product.

Use Facebook or any other social media to promote your webinar.

To get more people to attend, run a Facebook ad. You can reach out to as many people as you want as long as you can pay for it.

But if you can’t Facebook ad, promote it yourself.

Ask your friends to share it too. Promote it as much as you can.

Because the number of people who will attend will determine the amount of money you’ll make.

6. Method of Payment

If it’s a paid webinar, include your bank account details on the banner during the promotion. Most Nigerians prefer direct deposit or ATM transfer because they are not used to make payment online yet.

When a payment from a client or confirmed, send the link to him/her and welcome him to the group.

How To Run A Webinar On Whatsapp

As people join the group, welcome them.

Remind them why they are there and also give them the rules and regulations binding the group.

Without these rules, some people will start spamming the group by sharing all manner of links, broadcast, videos and pictures.

Nigerians have zero chill when it comes to spamming groups.

On the day of the webinar, remind them of the time of the webinar at least 6, 3, and 1 hour before time.

Since, lots of them may have a day job, host the webinar from so that everyone can be present.

To have an effective and effortless webinar, use Whatsapp Web on your laptop. With that, you can type faster. If you’re comfortable with your Smartphone, then you have no problem.

If typing is not your thing, you can use voice note.

At most, each session should last for 2 hours. People might get bored or distracted when the webinar is too long.

After each session, give a chance for questions from attendees. Any question that is too difficult for you to handle or that requires a detailed answer, ask the person to inbox you.

How to make money from free webinar on whatsapp

In some cases where you don’t want to host a paid webinar, you can use a free webinar to get the contact of your prospective clients.

Ok let me explain what I mean,

You follow all the steps I mentioned above.

At the end of the webinar upsell your normal product or service at a discount. 50-70% discount is ok.

That is, if your product was sold at N20,000, you could offer to give it out for N5,000. Lots of them will grab the opportunity.

Make the offer time sensitive. Tell them the discount is only available for the first 5-20 persons or it’d be available for only 10 minutes.

The other day, I was invited to speak in a webinar on Whatsapp. At the end of the webinar, I offered my products and services at a discount.

I’ve seen lots of people do this successfully. It works like magic.

Here are practical steps to follow:

  • Organize a free webinar on how to make money from blogging or anything you know you can teach.
  • Share few tips in the free webinar. This does not mean you should not give value.
  • At the end of the webinar, upsell your full package, say, step by step guide on how to start, launch and build a successful blog that makes money.

Assuming, 100 people attended the webinar. About 30 people may choose to grab your offer (and the few others from the 70 may buy your product in the future). Say, you charged 5,000 and 30 people grabbed your offer, that will be a whopping 150,000.

Your success depends on how valuable your offer is and your ability to communicate that value.

What if I don’t know what to teach others?

Invite experts in your field to speak in your webinar while you charge the people to attend.

If the webinar is free, you can transcribe what the experts taught, package it in a PDF and sell to people who were not able to attend the webinar.

These strategies could also be used on Facebook groups too.

Other Ways You can make Money Using Whatsapp

Offer one-on-one coaching to clients: You can offer one-on-one coaching to different clients using Whatsapp. In this one-on-one coaching, you can have it session via chat, voice call or video. Whatever works for you and your clients.

Offer group coaching: You could create a Whatsapp group and offer group coaching to 5-10 persons who want to learn a particular skill or acquire a particular knowledge. The training could be done somewhere else while you use Whatsapp as a place to interact and track their progress

Hold consultation session: You can hold free or paid consultation sessions via Whatsapp. If it’s a free consultation, make sure you upsell one of your products to the prospective client after a session.

Build a personal relationship with clients: Whatsapp could be the best place to build and nurture your relationship with clients. Like Gary Vee said, “caring is the new form of marketing”. So, the more you show concern and keep in touch with your prospective clients the more they are likely to buy from you.

I see lots of potential in Whatsapp that if people take advantage of will benefit from greatly.

What other ways could someone make money from Whatsapp?

What ways have worked for you?

Do you have any question or contribution? Kindly, drop it in the comment box below.

And please, do share this with your friends who may not be aware of the potential of Whatsapp.


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