Quick Tips To Boost Your Confidence As An Entrepreneur


If you don’t say “I am” nobody will say “you are”.

Do you know why someone with less ability, skills and knowledge gets the deal while you that seems to know everything go hungry?

Do you know why a beautiful lady will leave that handsome, rich (coughs) and physically fit guy for that average-regular-not-so-fine guy?

There was a time I bought a course. It was a great course, the information was super practical and straight to the point.

But there was a problem.

The person who recorded it had a terrible accent from a particular tribe.

The video quality was not so great.

I didn’t notice all these things until I showed the course to a friend who was living with me then.

After he watched the first video he started laughing and shaking his head like someone who’s been hit with a big idea.

Then he said, “Promise, we’re wasting our English”. We both laughed.

Yes, his accent and grammar were terrible but he was confident in his ability to create a course and place a price tag on it.

After taking that course, I had the confidence to create mine.

If he could create a course with his “shortcomings” then I can do even better.

One quality you must develop as an entrepreneur if you don’t already have one is confidence.

While some people seem naturally confident (and some people are remarkably confident in a very good way), most of us are not.

And that’s okay because self-confidence can be developed. Anyone can be more confident.

Before you sell anything to anyone, whether your product or service, you must first have confidence in yourself and your ability to deliver.

It has to also reflect on the price tag you place on your products.

Steve Harris said that the price you place on your product shows the confidence you have in your results.

If you strongly believe that you have what it takes to deliver the result, flaunt it.

People pay you based on the amount of confidence you have in your product and the result.

The difference between two products with the same content but different prices is the confidence the producers have on them.

Confidence is so important that when you go to an audition whether music, acting or business pitch, the audience and judges judge you based on your confidence.

You have to be confident in yourself as a phenomenal personal brand.

Because you’re leading a tribe consciously or unconsciously.

So, your influence grows as your confidence grows.

When people sense your lack of confidence, they turn away from you and look for someone who can confidently lead them.

Someone said that be confident or pretend to be, nobody will know the difference.

However, arrogance should not be mistaken for confidence.

Confidence is knowing, accepting and appreciating your ability.

The three keywords there are knowing, accepting and appreciating.

Lack of confidence comes when you don’t know that you possess an ability.

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Just like a singer who doesn’t know he can sing until someone tells him so.

There are also people who know their ability but don’t accept it. By that I mean, they don’t accept or believe in their ability to deliver a result or experience.

Then finally, we have people who know and accept their ability but don’t appreciate it.

When someone says they can sing, they say “forget that my frog voice”.

I think that’s the highest form of lack of confidence.

Confidence is accepting compliments without feeling guilty or undeserving.

One of the most powerful ways of boosting your confidence is through affirmation.

Tell yourself every day that you’re confident.

“I am” is so powerful that you could become whatever you place after those two words.

I am confident. I am good enough.

People will tell you, you’re not good enough, you’re not qualified, you lack experience.

The world will throw all that to you in a bid to mute you.

But you have to rise every morning and remind yourself and the world that you are enough.

You are braver, smarter and stronger than you can imagine.

And finally, remember that competence increases your confidence.

Be so good at what you do that people can’t ignore you.

Be the go-to guy in your industry. Improve your character and skills.

Be a learner every day.

And finally finally, associate with people who know your worth, value you and appreciate you.

What do you do to boost your confidence?


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