10 Reasons Why Jide Ogunsanya Is A Savvy Entrepreneur And Blogger


Read this before you quit from anything you’re doing;

First of all who is jide ogunsanya?

Jide ogunsanya is a passionate Nigerian blogger and digital marketer, founded and runs ogbongeblog. He is a graduate of microbiologist from olabisi Onabanjo university (OOU) in ogun state Nigeria.

Read more about him here

Put simply: he is a microbiologist turned bloggerpreneur.

If you’re new to the game of blogging, chances are that you want to turn blogging into a full-time business, if possible. And you want to work from home and be your own boss. Ok that’s fine and quite realistic. Many Nigerians have achieved that.

In order to be successful as fast as possible, you need to learn from the successful bloggers. You need to do exactly(I don’t mean copy and paste) what they did to be successful.

These are the reasons Jide is a savvy entrepreneur and blogger…

Now, let’s begin…

1. He Took Action:

Yes! He had to start somewhere. He started blogging in 2008 when it wasn’t popular. He didn’t wait for the “perfect time” and didn’t keep searching for information on how to blog. He just took action and today he is the every of every Nigerian blogger.

2. He followed his passion:

As a savvy entrepreneur he didn’t opt into the band wagon of entertainment and gossip. He just did what he loved doing. Check his blog and you’ll see that his blog revolves round blogger tutorial, web designing, social media, digital and information marketing.

3. Persistence:

Count from 2008-2015, that is 7 years. He started blogging when it was literally unknown in Nigeria. You know, using the internet in Nigeria was expensive and getting people’s attention was a nightmare. But he was persistent and he didn’t give up during the tough time. Today the story is different.

4. He Remains Positive:

In those days, spending a huge amount of money on internet plans used to be seen as madness. Nobody saw the sense in their nonsense. No one knew that money could be made online especially from blogging. They were times of zero traffic and loss of money but he kept going despite the odds

5. He is Consistent:

For 7 years now jide has been publishing posts upon posts because he knows that slow and steady always win the game.

6. He is Business-minded:

While many Nigerians saw blogging as a hobby or a platform to share their personal views, Jide saw it as a biz. Hear from him,”by the end of my service year in 2009, I was proud of the blog to the extent that I was reluctant to apply for job….”

7. He is Unique:

Everything about him is honest. His contents are just straight to the point. It is a techblog, so you’ll not read about the latest news about the fight between Genevieve and Omotola there.

8. He is Generous:

He is never afraid to share what he knows. He’s written a couple of free ebooks to help upcoming bloggers. He gives everything on his blog almost free.

9. He is Humble:

Send him an email and he will reply as soon as he can. He never ignores a question or comment on his blog except it is super dumb. He also finds time to contribute to his facebook group.

10. He is Committed to Excellence:

Since from 2008, he has not stopped re-designing and building his blog.. he has never stopped publishing articles on his blog. He’s also committed to helping and improving people’s lives online. You can’t just get enough from his blog.

Now, you don’t have to be an entertainment or tech blog to be successful.

The rule is simple:

Learn from the smartest while following your passion.

Jide has been an inspiration to many online entrepreneurs. When i read his blog and see what he has achieved thus far, i just keep on keeping on. I know that though success tarries, it will come one day. While many others who graduated with him went home and sat down waiting for the government and a white collar job that hardly exist. Jide took on the path of a typical African entrepreneur.

He stands for hope for the Nigerian online entrepreneurs.



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