How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Silence Your Inner Critics

inner critics

No matter how talented, wealthy or successful we are, everyone of us at one point in our lives struggles with self-doubt.

“Who am I to be wealthy and successful?”

Too many entrepreneurs are allowing their “inner critics” stop them from achieving their goals.

So we tell ourselves, “I am not good enough”, “people will not buy my products”, “I can never build a 7 figure business”. “I don’t think I can ever make the kind of money Mr John is making”, “I am not as talented as Regina”. “I cannot know how to play the piano like that girl”. “I cannot design with Photoshop like Peter”

You know those nagging thoughts that won’t let you do anything good for yourself.

Before I started podcasting, I was almost overwhelmed by my “inner critics”, I told myself, “I don’t have a nice voice”, “Why should anyone listen to me when we have established brands like Gary Vee and Patt Flynn” and so on.

Even when you’re creating a product or planning for a webinar, your inner critic will tell you that you’re not an expert yet. You’d tell yourself that why people would listen to you when Emeka Peter is doing it better.

Even when I’ve been told by lots of people that I have an exceptional writing style, I still hear my inner critic telling me that I am not good enough. There are times I struggle with starting the first sentence of blog posts. I would spend one to two hours trying to get the perfect opening sentence.

I don’t know if the similar thing happens to you.

In fact, whenever I am creating a product to sell to my community, my inner critic will come telling me that nobody will buy my “crappy product”.

I struggle with these thoughts every time I achieve a major goal in my life

Unfortunately, those thoughts cast doubts on our goals, undermine our achievements and point accusing fingers at us which make us look like imposters.

According to Psychology Today:

“The critical inner voice is formed out of painful early life experiences in which we witnessed or experienced hurtful attitudes toward us or those close to us.

As we grow up, we unconsciously adopt and integrate this pattern of destructive thoughts toward ourselves and others.

When we fail to identify and separate from this inner critic, we allow it to impact our behavior and shape the direction of our lives.”

So a guy who was a serial cheat thinks he doesn’t deserve a good woman.

An entrepreneur who has failed in many businesses will tell himself that he can never build a successful business.

When these thoughts are not checked, we create a self-destructive belief system that limits us and makes think that we don’t deserve anything good.

The moment you tell yourself that you can’t achieve a particular thing, you create a barrier that unconsciously stops you from pursuing your personal legend.

In most cases, self-doubt comes as a result of constantly listening to critics and their “honest opinions”.

Oh Lord! Humans with their pathetic “honest opinions”

“To be frank with you, you can never get rich in that business”

“I like you that’s why I am telling you not to invest in that business”

A few months ago, I felt the self-doubt of my life when some guy on Facebook told me that I don’t deserve to hold the title of a ProBlogger.

I was stung.

I felt bad.

I doubted everything I was doing.

I wanted to end it all and go hide under the caves.

But I stopped and told myself that I was more than what this guy made of me.

If I had listened to him, my inner critic would have capitalized on this and pulled me down.


Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself And Silence Your Inner Critics

Identify what your inner critic is saying. Access it if it’s true or not. Understand your inner critic does not hold the real point of view about you. In the case where your inner critic may be saying something that is somewhat true, develop yourself in that particular area and strive to become the best.

⇒ Be aware of your thoughts always. Whenever your thought is going astray, redirect it and remind it who you’re truly are. When you’re creating a product to sell and your inner critic is telling you that nobody will buy from you, tell yourself this: “You only need to know 1% more than your audience to sell something to them”.

⇒ Stop beating yourself. If you’ve made a mistake, there’s no point beating yourself. Just take it as a learning process and move on. Telling yourself that you’d never be good enough is not going to help you.

⇒ Surround yourself with people who lift you up. The kind of people you surround yourself with will determine what opinions you’d hold concerning yourself. If you’re always in the midst of friends who laugh at you when you’re making an effort at a thing, then you’ll always doubt your ability. I am blessed to have a brother like Deon. No matter how much I mess up, he will always cheer me up and give me loads of “prep talk”.

⇒ Never compare your life with others. 

⇒ If not you, who? Tell yourself that you deserve a successful business, a wealthy life and all the beautiful things of life. Then get ready to pay the price to get all these things.

⇒ Paint a beautiful picture of yourself. If your inner critic says you will never get in shape, tell it that you’re getting in shape and living a healthy and wealthy life already.

⇒ Accept compliments wholeheartedly. If someone says you’re a terrific writer, take it seriously and reply “thanks”.

⇒ Take credit for your success. When you do something worth talking about, say it out. Don’t hide your achievements away. It’s false humility.

⇒ Count your blessings and name them one by one.

Your inner critic will always be there to scare you from pursuing your personal legend and being the best of yourself.

But you’ve got to silence it anytime it raises its ugly head against your progress.

While the inner critic can help you know what areas of your life you need to improve, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

Have you ever been in a situation where you doubted yourself? How did you handle it?

Share with us in the comment box below.


4 thoughts on “How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Silence Your Inner Critics”

  1. Yea promise there are times in my life i had doubts about myself,,,…..

    First was in my 3rd year in school i had doubts if at all am going to make any impact in people’s life,
    If at all am going to make it in life,
    If at all i can do anything tangible to earn a living outside my course of study,

    These doubts became a history when i made a bold step to learn a skill
    That point changed my story.
    Thanks promise once more for writing this piece

    1. Thanks too, Anthony, for sharing your own self-doubts with us here. It shows that we all at one point in our lives do experience self-doubt but we cannot afford to let it stay for long because we are made for MORE.

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