How To position yourself on social media to create influence, establish authority in your industry And motivate people to take action – spend money with you

It’s True: You Really Can Learn How To position yourself on social media to create influence and establish authority in your industry And Here’s How…

Dear Friend;

Are you wasting your time on social media?

Do you want to learn how to use the social media as a tool to grow your influence and impact the lives of millions of people from the comfort of your house?

Do you want to build a tribe of dedicated community who are addicted to your message?

DO you wish to build a dedicated following around your message, passion or gift?

What if you could use the social media to monetize your gift, experience, expertise or knowledge?

This course is designed to explain the importance of and strategies behind becoming influential using social media for your niche or industry.

Why is this important?

Social media matters in reaching your ideal audience:

-Nearly 2.1 Billion people have a social media account

-1.7 Billion of those people are currently active

-3.65 Billion people have access to social media through smartphones

-47% of all people are on Facebook

-Twitter has over 284 Million active users

-53% of people aged 18-29 have an Instagram account

Don’t Waste Time on Social Media again!

Social media is no longer a place to post selfies and catch up with friends and colleagues.

A lot of people now use social media to make cool cash on a daily basis.

You really don’t have to do anything stressful or techy.

By just showing up and being awesome, you can attract a huge following, make a huge impact and make huge income from the comfort of your home.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

Grow your influence even nobody knows you: It doesn’t matter whether you have 100 friends or 1,000 friends. You will learn how to make your voice matter in a noisy world.

♥  Create hypnotic contents daily that increases engagement and drive sales: One of the issues a lot of people face is creating content daily. This blueprint will show you a system to use to create content that increases engagement and drive sales daily.

♥  Structure, package and brand your knowledge, skills or expertise so that people will value it and beg to pay for it: You’re not just on social media to build influence and be broke. You will learn how to package your product or service and sell.

♥  Find a profitable idea in few minutes to sell on social media: You will not be left in the dark to figure out what to sell. You will be shown how to find a profitable idea in few minutes. Ideas that actually make you money.

♥  Write a compelling headline on social media that gets massive engagement: Headline makes about 80% of your whole content. You will get the tools to craft compelling headlines all the time for your social media posts, product, blog post etc.

♥  Write compelling posts that get engagement all of the time: You will be shown how to create contents that get engagement.

♥  Be invited hear and there for interviews and speaking engagement.: When you start making impact, you’ll see how people will invite you here and there to speak in webinars, seminars, conferences, interviews, etc.

This is not one of those courses that promises heaven and earth but end up giving you mud and sand.

You will learn EXACTLY how I’ve been able to build an engaged social media following that loves what I do and are dedicated to my message.

And Not Only That, But:

♥  You will learn how to get leads from your social media posts daily

♥  know how to use social media to influence your audience and make impact.

♥  Become the go-to expert in your industry

♥  Know the right post is to make on a daily basis without running out of ideas.

♥ Learn about a simple marketing system that will bring clients to your business on a daily business.

♥ Learn how to get attention from industry leaders and recommendation from clients and friends.

You can either spend 5GB of data monthly watching funny videos on Facebook and Instagram or use this proven blueprint to turn the social media into a tool for influence, visibility and income.

The regular investment for the social media influence blueprint is N10,000 which is a steal, considering that I will show you how to build a very influential brand that makes impact and makes you money.

However, if you order now, you will get it at a very affordable investment and get some amazing and mind-blowing bonuses

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But I’m betting once you see the results  you will come back to thank me.

Don’t take my words for it. Read what others are saying about the Social Media Influence Blueprint

I attended a class anchored by Mr. Promise Excel called “Social Media Influence”

That class helped me to dig deep. It helped me align my message and also helped to tailor those messages to my targeted audience. 

It grew my influence and helped me rediscovered and redesigned myself.

It helped me polished my social media especially my facebook.

Thank you Promise Excel.
– Oleru Don, Mind Trainer, Memory Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

This year, one of the most rewarding investments I made is enrolling in Promise Excel’s Social Media Influence [Online] Masterclass.

I didn’t pay a dime to enroll. Even at that, the results I got were overwhelming and much more than I expected.

This is not one of those courses You’ll enroll in and still hope on hope before You can see results — if You do as instructed.

Even if You are the type that doesn’t take action or is slow at it, Promise will be on your neck and won’t let You rest until You do — so rest assured to get instant and visible returns on your investment.

Not long after the class launched, my influence and number of followers grew across all my Social media accounts.

My posts that used to get only likes and comments started to generate leads and land potential clients.

My confidence grew. 

I became daring to try new things unlike before when I used to fear whether it will work, what people will say among others….

The class really helped me out of the shackles of obscurity I’ve long been in.

This is one class I can vouch for and recommend for any individual/brand that’s serious and intentional about growing its influence, reach, leads and potential client via the Social media.
Ope Eniola


I have been on social media for a while but i wasn’t really intentional about it, So when I discovered my passion I knew I had to utilise social media to spread my message and also make myself known.

I started doing it on my own but I wasn’t really getting the kind of response and result I wanted.

Then I saw the advert for this course by Mr Promise Excel (Social media for influence) and I enrolled for it.

Following and applying all he teaches consistently, religiously and intentionally My influence grew and my network of client & potential clients increased, and I made new contacts in form of partners.

To be practical before enrolling for the course my post gets few likes and comments but during this course, my influence grew I always get over 20 likes, more comment engagements and shares.

This course is one I will recommend because Promise will see that you get the result you desire, he will practically work and walk with you, give you the secret template and Formula for you to become a person of influence

if you’re a salesperson, you will make more sales and attract new customers and potential customers, and collaboration with others.

even if you don’t know how to craft a content Promise will help you get that done through this course Social Media for Influence.

Don’t think Twice its worth the investment.

– Chukwuma Arinzechi, I help individuals overcome their personal life challenges’ so that they can make positive shifts in their lives (Transformation coach)

Special Bonuses When You Respond Right Now!

Bonus #1: 17 Easy Tricks on How to Write Catchy Titles and Headlines on Social Media and Blog Post (N5,000)

Catchy headlines can make or break your content. There are infinite ways to write a headline. You can combine the principles of headlines to get even more possibilities.

In the following post, I will give you tips and tricks that have proven themselves for many years to increase engagement.

Next time you have to write a catchy headline, use these easy and powerful headline formulas.

Bonus #2: One Powerful Tool To Design Stunning Graphics Without Spending A Dime on a Graphic Designer (N5,000)

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to design visually appealing and professional graphics for your social media post, blog post, banners, etc

Two of my clients used these apps to create the flier for their courses and training.

You don’t need to pay a graphic designer anymore to design some of your fliers, banners or social media posts.

Bonus #3: 10 Awesome Android Apps For Creating Stunning Graphics For Social Media (N5,000)

Have you ever noticed that posts with pictures on social media get more likes, shares and comments?

Do you think it is accidental or because the person who published the post is more popular?

Did you know that photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than a text-only post?

You will get a list of 10 awesome android apps for designing stunning graphics for social media posts.

Bonus #4: Free Social Media Audit (N10,000)

I will personally a free social media Audit for your personal profile and Business Page and recommend what to do attract the right audience.

This is the same audit that I did for one of my clients that landed her a 6 figure gig.

Bonus #5: Sales Copy Made Easy Tools (N10,000)

You will get access to 3 powerful tools one is used to Create High Converting Sales Letters From Scratch In Less Than An Hour, By Simply ‘Filling In The Blanks’ And Clicking Submit.

The other is used to generate powerful headlines for social media posts, sales copy and blog posts.

The last one is a collection of the very best sales copy from the most successful internet marketers.

No more paying copywriters huge amount of money to create your sales copy for you. This is a Do-It-Yourself sales copy creation too.

Bonus #6: How To Use The Social Media To Build Your Online Business At Zero Cost. (N5,000)

You will learn how to use social media to build an online business at zero cost using the social media.

Bonus #7: List of 3 best places to download quality and professional photos for free (EXTRA BONUS)

This is where you will get almost all the pictures you will ever need for your social media posts and blog posts

Bonus #8: 100+ Business Proposal Templates (N20,000)

Get over 100+ business proposal templates that serves almost every industry and niche business, ranging from consulting, marketing, web development and much more. It will help you close more business and automate your work documents. You can download, configure, and personalize the templates to meet your business goals and increase your close rate.

Altogether that’s a total value of N70,000.

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Account Name: Promise Excel

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