Day 18: Take Your Health Seriously

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“For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his health?”

You are welcome to day 18 of our 21 Day Program: 21 days To Develop A Millionaire Mindset. I must admit that it has taken more days than expected but without a doubt i must say that the lessons learnt in this program are invaluableToday, i will begin with the story of a man called Naaman in the Bible. I hope you don enjoy this post.

There was a certain man in the bible called Naaman. He was the commander of the Syrian army. He was highly respected and esteemed by the king of Syria because through him the Syrian forces won a great battle.

He was such a great soldier BUT he suffered a dreaded skin disease – leprosy.

A little Israelite girl who was the servant of Naaman’s wife, suggested, that Naaman should go to a prophet in Samaria. He would cure him of his disease.

Just as they say that a beggar has no choice, Naaman had no choice than to obey the little girl. It didn’t matter who could heal him or where he would be healed. All he ever wanted was to be free from the shackles of leprosy.

So, Naaman went to Samaria as proposed by the little girl.

When he got there, he was told to go and wash himself seven times in the River Jordan. And he would be completely healed.

He became upset because the prophet Elisha did not come out to pray to God and wave his hand over (just as many of us would expect) his diseased spot to cure.

No “acrobatic” display of any kind.

Aren’t the rivers back in Damascus better than any in Israel? I could have washed in them and be cured” , he grumbled.

His servants encouraged him to obey the prophet since it was not a difficult task to just wash in a river and be healed.

So, he did as he was commanded and got his healing.

Did I hear you say, “oh what a great miracle?”

Indeed it was.

Is this post about miracles and healing? By no means.

I want to point out to us what disease could do to a man despite his status in the society.

It didn’t matter how respected, famous or rich Naaman was, as long as he had leprosy, his life was not complete. Whether that help came from a baby or king, it didn’t matter as well. Naaman needed a cure to his woe.

If you were to choose between being a sick rich man and a healthy poor man, whom would you rather be?

Certainly, we all want to be healthy. It is without a doubt that health is wealth. Wealth does not always have to be measured in terms of how much someone has.

In our pursuit for wealth, we often neglect our health.

So, we stay up late at night to work. We eat any junk food our heart craves. We rather go for an over-the-counter drugs instead of seeing a doctor first. As young men we keep a dozen girlfriend and expect to be free from STI.

Your ultimate goal in life should not only be about success and wealth. In fact, let health be one of your biggest responsibility and priority in life.

In a world where people sell junk for food to make themselves rich, it could be a really tough decision to choose between junk and healthy food.

Junk food is probably, “everywhere you go”.

It is usually, properly and attractively packaged. Mouth watery and irresistible. Almost every TV commercials talk about one “revolutionary” food or the other.

To be a happy rich man now or in future, you must take excellent care of your health. Make no friend with those who have little or zero concern about their health. Be sure that the people around you encourage you to live healthy.

If your close friends encourage you to smoke, drink or overeat too much, it is time to find new friends who have good health habits and also want a healthy life.

Enough said already.

We all want to be wealthy, successful and fulfilled but all this may not be achievable if we ignore our health.

Our body is a gift that we must adore.

You know how important first impression is? Right? You wouldn’t want to appear before a client, prospect, investor or interviewer as someone who is on the verge of dying tomorrow.

That’s why it is important that you appear fit and healthy at all times.

And also, you wouldn’t want to get $1,000,000 today and spend $999,999 the next day on health issues.

Stay positive, stay happy, stay healthy.

Indeed health is wealth.


  • maintain a healthy weight.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all.
  • Protect yourself from the sun (very important).
  • Protect yourself from STI’s (super important)
  • Eat in the morning.
  • Be aware of danger food (high in cholesterol).
  • Exhale.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Smile always.
  • Visit your doctor regularly.
  • Avoid self-medication.

Quote of the Day:

“I believe the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy YOU”

-Joyce Meyer

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Share your thought with us. Who would you rather be?

A sick rich man or a healthy poor man?

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