10+ Key Lessons I Learned From Hosting a Successful Virtual Book Launch

Virtual Book Launch

Do you want to host a successful virtual book launch?

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A few weeks ago, I launched my book, Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten which I dare say was absolutely successful.

I didn’t sell a million copies. Duh!

But I sold a good number of my books.

Apart from the book sales, the launch itself has increased my visibility and influence. It has also opened doors to many opportunities and helped me reach people I won’t have been able to reach ordinarily.

I wanted my launch to beat every book launch I’ve ever witnessed online. And it sure did.

I got a lot of people congratulating me for the strides. I’ve also gotten requests from people who want me to help them launch their books successfully.

This has also added to my well of knowledge and experience. I could possibly charge a client N100,000 to N200,000 to publish and market their books online.

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Whether you’re about writing your book or have written one, here are 10+ key lessons I learned from my book launch.

If you hope to launch your book or anything online, you will find one or two of these lessons useful to your life and more importantly, your business.

1. If you don’t share your work confidently, people won’t share it excitedly

You don’t share your work once and expect others to share it at all. Passion is contagious. When people sense the passion by which you’re using to share your work, they can’t help but share it too.

A lot of people promoted my book launch to their audience because of the way I was so confident about the book. It seemed as if you don’t share my book you’re missing something.

People will support you and buy into your dream as much as you support your dream.

2. People buy into your personal brand first before buying your book

People will buy from you when they know, like and trust you. A lot of people who bought my book are people who already know me and have got some kind of value from me in some way.

So, don’t hurry to publish a book or record a music if people don’t know you. Spend some time building your personal brand. It could take a month or more. Just don’t hurry to publish your book yet.

This is the reason people publish a book and get no sale or release a song without download.

People will not listen to you if they’ve never heard about you unless you have something really interesting to say.

My personal brand played a major role in my book sales. Since people know me as someone who always delivers value so their expectations about my book were high.

Everyone who bought or promoted my book did it because they’ve come to buy into my personal brand first.

The importance of building a strong and influential personal brand cannot be overemphasized.

Start building your personal brand before launching your book. That way it will be easier to sell your book to your audience who already know, like and trust you.

This does not mean that people will just start buying your book because you are an influential brand. However, your personal brand has a major role to play.

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3. Not everyone will buy your book

You have to know that not everyone will buy your book no matter how much you promote it.

It will shock you that even your close friends and family won’t buy your book. In their mind, they’re wondering why they should buy your book when they’ve known you all their lives. It is called “see finish”.

It might surprise you that none of my family members or close friends have bought my book. I don’t take it personally. I am not even worried about those who don’t buy my book.

Don’t take it personally if your friends don’t buy your book. For most of them, it will end in congratulations and that’s all.

Take the congratulations and walk away. Don’t feel bad. It has nothing to do with you or your book. Friends and family are usually the last to appreciate our work.

Your concern should only be on those who appreciate and love your work.

4. Provide as many options as possible

People will have a thousand and one reasons why they can’t buy your book. To be on the safer side, give them as many options as possible.

Give them options especially in payment and book format. Some people are still skeptical about making payment online with their cards. For such people, you provide your account details for them to make payment.

As for book format, not everyone will like hardcopies. Some prefer soft copies (Ebooks). So, try as much as you can to make your book available in both formats. This way you can sell to everyone who is genuinely interested in buying your book.

There are lots of people who didn’t buy my book because it was in soft copy. If I had it in hard copy, I would have made more sales.

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5. You can never promote your book too much.

If big brands like MTN, Coca-Cola, Apple, Amazon, etc still promote their businesses then who are you not to promote your work?

As a writer, you’re made to believe that you should write and wait for people to come appreciate it. That would work 20 years ago. But in this age when the attention span of a human is about 8 seconds, you write and take it to them.

Your work deserves to be seen, known and appreciated. Hence, you have to shamelessly promote it. Promote your book like it’s the last thing you have to do before you die. Promote it until people get tired of hearing about your book.

Now, passion is infectious. When people see the passion by which you’re using to promote your book, some will be forced to join you.

For me, I started talking about my book before I even wrote the first word. At a point, people were begging me to release the book already.

Everybody who had any conversation with me will end up talking about my book. It became a movement. You can’t launch your book and only a few persons know about it. Then that book doesn’t worth anything to you.

If you’re scared of talking about your book, why should others promote it? You have to take the lead. If people will talk about evil with pride and confidence, I see no reason why you should not promote your book like it is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity.

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6. Know your target audience

One of the mistakes a lot of authors make is that they don’t define who their target audience is. They think that their book is for everyone. No. Your book is not for everyone.

Two things you must have in mind when writing is to understand who your book is for. It will help to guide your expressions, choice of words and the content generally.

For my book, I had to answer these three questions: Who is this book for, why should they buy it and what will they learn from it?

Answering these questions will help you know who to target with your promotional message and give them a reason to buy your book.

Sample from my book:

Who’s this book for:

  • Those who want to be, do and have more out of life.
  • People who desperately want to change the world.
  • People who want to leave indelible footprints on the sand of time.
  • People who want to live a life of excellence, impact and influence.
  • Those who hate mediocrity and all form of smallness.
  • People who want their names to be mentioned alongside great men
  • People who want to transform their lives and the world at large
  • People who want to impact the lives of others with their story

What you will learn in this book:

  • How to become a person of influence and impact
  • How to tell a captivating story
  • How to touch people’s heart and evoke positive emotions
  • How To make a bold statement in your industry that gets you noticed
  • How To connect with like-minded people and make meaningful connections
  • How to take responsibility for your life and make the most of it

This does not only apply to books. In whatever you’re launching or sharing, it must answer these vital questions: Why, who and what? Why should I buy it? Who should buy it? What is it about?

7. A virtual book launch is less expensive and has more impact

In my own opinion, I think that virtual book launches are of course less expensive and more impactful. Gone are the days when you have to hire a hall, invite dignitaries and throw a big ceremony before you launch your book.

The tables have changed now. The internet has made it easier for authors to launch their books virtually without anyone leaving their house.

You can launch your book and have people from all over the world join you.

To make it more impactful, I extended my book launch to 7 days.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing the traditional book launch. However, you can leverage on the internet to reach more people with your book for little money.

8. A strategic book launch can open doors of opportunities

I learned that writing and launching your book if done properly can catapult your visibility and influence. Especially, if you use my exact strategy.

During my book launch, I doubt if there was anybody in my Facebook friend list that didn’t know that I was launching a book. In fact, it became more like a movement.

I got a lot of influencers talking about my book. Imagine people with 5k to 20k followers talking about your book. That’s massive brand visibility.

I was getting loads of friend request every day on Facebook. People were sending me messages here and there congratulating me on my book launch. It was such a great moment for me.

If you adopt my book launch strategies, you can grow from an obscured brand to a popular brand. It’s not just about launching a book. It’s about putting your brand out there in the faces of people.

9. The number of book sales has little or nothing to do with the price of your book.

A lot of people think that the cheaper the book the more sales they’ll make. That’s not always true. You can make your book as cheap as chewing gum or make it totally free and people will not care about it.

I know that If I had made my book cheaper, I would have probably made more sales. However, people don’t buy books because they are cheap. They buy it for the value they can get from the book.

If you can communicate this value and promote it as much as possible, then you’re sure of making massive sales. This is why I stress on the importance of knowing who your book is for and what they stand to gain for reading it.

You should stop believing that people are doing you a favour when they buy your book. You’re not on a government support system.

Anybody who buys your book is not supporting your ministry like Nigerians would say. They buy it because they need it.

You deserve every kobo or cent you receive for your book because yo are deserving of a reward for your labour of creativity.

When you realize this, you’ll know that the number of books sales has little or nothing to do with the price.

If you want to make your book very cheap, there should be a strategy behind it. People make their books cheap so they can reach as many people as possible. Some do it so they can sell a higher course or program to the buyers. Others do it to score speaking gigs.

Whether your book is free or dead cheap, you should have a winning strategy behind it.

10. Book sales over everything

No matter what you do, let selling your book be the ultimate goal. A lot of people forget about this when launching their book.

Don’t be carried away by the accolades from friends and family. You’ll get a thousand and one comments and likes from Facebook friends. But those things amount to nothing if you’re not selling your book.

Whether you’re doing the virtual or traditional book launch, the ultimate goal should be to sell your books. This is so important that your branding, packaging and promotion will mean nothing if they don’t translate to book sales.

Before my book launch, I started asking people to preorder the book. Don’t make an empty noise without getting people to make any form of commitment. That commitment could mean to join your waiting list or preorder for your book. Preorder simply means paying for your book before it is made available (published). Many brands do it these days. As an author, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to make money from your book.

It’s not a bad idea to start collecting money for your book before you even start writing. In fact, that will cause you to write the book faster when you know that there are people waiting to have the book.

Here’s what to do:

1. Create a google form. Request for their name, phone number, email address and contact address.

2. Get the form link

3. Share it on social media, blog, email and anywhere you talk about your book.

If you want to go a bit techier like me, you can create a landing page to collect these information. It is very easy creating a landing page with Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

Remember that it is about getting people to commit. This is how you know people who are genuinely interested in buying your book.

After all said and done, having a successful book launch all depends on having winning strategies. You need to write out your strategies and the tactics. Before I wrote my book, I planned the strategy to use to reach more people and make sales. Without winning strategies you’ll be wasting your time doing things that don’t matter. And again, it is one thing to have winning strategies, it is another thing to execute them successfully.

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If you ever need someone to help you in launching your book successfully whether online or offline, you can talk to me. I’ve had a successful book launch and I know all the strategies to deploy to ensure that you get your books on as many hands as possible.

If you have ever launched a book, what were the lessons you learned? Share it in the comment section below. I respond to all comments personally.

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