How To Get 6 Month Web Hosting Package For $7.09 With Breathtaking Features

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Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just need an affordable web hosting company with amazing features,  you should consider Scala Hosting.

As an online entrepreneur in Nigeria, you know that the current exchange rate between dollar and naira makes some things really pricey.

The wise thing to do is minimize the cost of running your online business as much as you can.

To run a profitable and successful online business, you’d surely need a reliable web host to store the files/information on your site.

And when that web hosting company is not only reliable but have affordable packages and amazing features, then you have no choice than to become a raving fan.

Last week, Namecheap sent me a notice that my hosting package with them will expire very soon.

I hurriedly clicked on the link that was provided to renew my package to avoid stories that touch.

Boy oh Boy! When I reasoned the present exchange rate between the dollar and Naira I became weak.

So, I just closed the tab and continued with my business.

When It occurred to me earlier this week that my hosting package will expire very soon I had to seek for alternatives.

I searched online for hosting companies in Nigeria, I couldn’t find any that met my need.

Their disc space and bandwidth capacity were not favorable.

This piece by Tutsplus has a lot to say about things to expect from a web host company. The amount of bandwidth and disk space (storage space) were among the first two.

Here: 19 Important Features to Look for in a Web Host

Even if I was to settle for any of them, the thought of having issues with their services discouraged me.

As much as I encourage buying from local companies, I can’t afford to risk my business for anything.

I had no option than to go for the international web hosting companies.

Again, the exchange rate and the rejection of our local cards were the major issues.

Nevertheless, I kept searching.

Finally, I found Scala Hosting (aff link)

Oh goodness, these guys are amazing like pizza…. lol

scala hosting


They have affordable hosting packages that range from $3.95/mo – $13.95/mo

scala hosting packages


Guess what?

With unlimited disk space and bandwidth from the Starter package to the E-commerce package

If you’re a geek you’d know what that really means.

Note that that “unlimited” is not really unlimited as stated.

Christopher Heng in has this to say about unlimited in web hosting.

“As many webmasters who have been burnt can attest, “unlimited” in web hosting lingo usually does not really mean “unlimited” when it applies to disk space and bandwidth. While the rest of a web host’s feature list is usually written in English, this word is best understood as being written in the language of Humpty Dumpty.”

Read this:

—-> The Real Meaning of “Unlimited” in Web Hosting

—-> What Does Unlimited Hosting Really Mean?

This is not to discourage you. It should not be a major concern.

However, it will be OK for any small or medium sized online business.

So I was charged barely $7.09 for 6 months hosting package with amazing features and breathtaking customer service.

Let me get it straight.

The actual price for the hosting package I chose is $4.98/month.

But I was given a 75% discount. So I paid $1.18/month for 6 months which is $7.09.

I hope that’s clear enough?

My recurring payment will be $28.88 after 6months, which I’ll not think twice to pay considering the awesome benefits.

Whether you want to start your online business or you have one already and want to renew your hosting package or perhaps you want to try an excellent hosting company, give Scala Hosting (aff link) a try.

There’s no excuse for not starting your online business.

Go professional. Migrate from a free platform to a self-hosted site and feel the true meaning of freedom and professionalism.

Do you have any questions? Kindly shoot your question in the comment box and I’ll be happy to reply.

P.S: I’ve never had issues with Namecheap. They’re amazing and have the best customer service on the internet. Their hosting packages are super affordable when you’re a first time customer. But the recurring payment is not funny. No thanks to our dear fallen naira.


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  1. ikoi abode ikenna

    thanks so much promise for this wonderful article. I happen to be among that domain king went down with their money so we are in search for a good domain hosting out there. with what you have said and what I could gather online, I think Scala hosting is worth giving a try. but then again as Nigerian please how can one pay for this hosting having in mind that none of Nigeria card is accepted online.

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