When Should I Start my Online Business?


When Should I Start My Online Business?

Wow! What a question! Like seriously, you don’t know when you should start your online business? OK since you’ve asked, let me give you straight. START NOW! Yes, you read that right. START RIGHT AWAY! The world is changing, new inventions coming up here and there. You can’t afford to wait a second to get your business out there if not you might be a minute late. The world need solutions, new answers, they need risk takers-entrepreneurs.

Someone rightly said,

When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting [a while longer] will make it smaller.

And another timely bomb from an English Proverb says,

What can be done at anytime is never done at all.

It baffles me to see  young and vibrant entrepreneurs procrastinate things that would have been done today. They never get anything done while they are young. They wait until they are 40-year-old before they can start anything meaningful with their life. How pathetic..

I can convincingly tell you that starting a business is not easy at all, talk more of an online business. It is always scary and full of “what if…”. I have been there and i know what it feels like, the pressure, the fear, the doubt, the worries, the frustration, the sleepless night and a whole bunch of drama. This temporary setbacks get you discouraged and make you not to continue what you’ve started or even start at all.

Do not wait for the perfect time to begin. Beginning makes the condition perfect. Don’t wait until you are 30 before you can do anything tangible. Never you think that you are too young to start your own business. Whether you are a student or not as long as you’re delivering value. It’s so sad or rather unfortunate that our society does not encourage and support young entrepreneurs.  They believe we are too young and naïve to start a business or run a company or cause change in a very significant way. They(the society) are wrong.

The Nigerian youth is known to be creative, adventurous and passionate. Hence, they need the right resources and empowerment to move ahead.

Now, you think that when you are through with your university education life will be easier? Sorry to say. That’s not true’ Life becomes more complicated after school’ You are under pressure to get a job, build a house, buy cars, take care of your siblings and parents. You now become the center of attraction yo everyone. Haba! Everyone now expects so much from you because so much has been given to you. Trust me, you don’t want such tragic  comedy in your life.

You don’t have to be great  to get started, but you do have  to get started to be great.

My fellow Nigerians, life is too short to waste it on cultism, drugs, sex, crimes and all social vices. Take the full responsibility for your life. You can’t wait for 5 years in the university to figure out what you want for your life. it is just to risky! It is not wise to sit back and watch other people make decision for you while you just follow the crowd.

What is that thing you have passion for? start now. Now is the perfect time. Tomorrow is just too far.

Don’t wait till you get a degree. Start now.

Don’t wait till  become richer. Start now.

Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start now.


The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists, It rewards people who get things done. period!

You don’t even have to be an expert to start.

Hey lady, start that bead making, start the catering school, start the blog. Start now.

Start your music career, start that business ASAP.

The world is waiting for your awesomeness.

So, the time to start your business whether online or offline is NOW.

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