I Made it to 30 Under 30 Young and Celebrated Leaders in Port Harcourt


This is where I say, “Mama I made it”

I made it to Forbes…

Ok, I mean Forbes of Port Harcourt 🙂

I was recognized by MediaVille Project Nigeria alongside other amazing young people in the 30 under 30 young leaders in Port Harcourt list.

This is so amazing for a lot of reasons.

A few weeks ago, someone told me, “with what you’re doing, you won’t go far in life”.

So, this recognition comes as a reminder that my dreams are valid.

And so are yours…

How can we hear your song if you don’t sing it?

How can we read your book if you don’t write it?

How can we see you if you don’t stand out?

I really do appreciate the organizers for this kind gesture, even though I feel I haven’t done enough to deserve it.

Thank you Mediaville Project Nigeria for reminding me that my dreams are valid.

Thank you for recognizing the little efforts we put in every day to make Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Africa a better place.

This recognition comes to me as a reminder that there’s more to be done.

This is a stepping stone to more opportunities and open doors.

To you who wakes up every morning wondering if you will go far in life, my brother, my sister, YOU WILL FLY.

It is on this note that I reveal my new book title:

Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten: Living a life of excellence, impact and influence.

I share in that book timeless wisdom and principles that can take anyone from obscurity to outstanding.

I have decided that 30% of the profit from book sales in the next 3 months after book launch will be given to charity.

We’re partnering with some NGOs in Port Harcourt to give school materials (books, textbooks, pen, pencils, etc) to children in public schools.

We still need more people in our book launch team – we have over 30 so far. Let’s take it to 50.

Join my book launch team here

Congratulations to other amazing people on the list. Thank you for choosing yourself and for being phenomenal.

Together, we can make the world a better place.

Read the full list here>>> 30 Under 30 Young and Celebrated Leaders in Port Harcourt, Nigeria


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