MEP010: Zubi O’peters, From Being an Obsessive Basketball Player to a Transformational Speaker and Marketing Consultant


A lot of us have a story of how we wanted be lawyers and doctors when we were young.

But growing up, something happens and we end up becoming something totally different from what we’ve always wanted to be.

Just like it happens to a lot of us, the same thing happened to Zubi O’peter.

This is his story…

About a decade (or more) ago, I had a magnificent obsession…

“Play Professional Basketball In The NBA & Be Successful”

I wanted to be successful as bad as I want to breathe.

This drove me to a lifelong commitment of personal development; I started consuming any Book, material, Article, Seminar, or Training that had a promise of showing me how to make my dreams come to life.

Then something strange started to happen…”

Zubi shared his story with me…

  • right from how it was for him growing up,
  • his journey into being a transformational speaker and marketing consultant,
  • his biggest challenges,
  • how he overcame them,
  • how he gets prospects to buy now and pay now without sounding forceful or desperate,
  • the key elements for starting and running a profitable business.
  • to how he’s able to create loads of valuable contents without running out of idea
  • and lots of interesting conversation.

It was a fun-filled conversation all through the time.

Ensure you have a pen and paper while listening to this show.

Zubi will blow your mind with his life-transforming thoughts.

Show Notes:

Recommended books:

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Public Speaking – Dale Carnegie
  • Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy

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2 thoughts on “MEP010: Zubi O’peters, From Being an Obsessive Basketball Player to a Transformational Speaker and Marketing Consultant”

  1. Hi Peter, Nice to see you at maverick Excel’s blog.

    And for your story, I’ve learned a lot from it too.

    What you just shared happened to we all. For me, I started as a medical doctor but now a computer programmer and competent blogger. And never have regretted it for ones.

    Would I say is an error or something? Not at all.

    But since we all live, we shall make it to our dreams.

    ByTheWay, Have a nice day Peter and excel and hope to meet again.
    John recently posted…Apply For Lagos State Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme 2018My Profile

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